Ashley Cavanaugh (カバノーアシュリー, Kabanō Ashurī) is a character in Pretty Cure Transient School and one of the Cures. His alter ego is Cure Jun (キュア準).

Physical appearanceEdit

Ashley has short red hair and green eyes. He doesn't care what gender he dresses as.


Ashley is an average boy who was raised both with a sporting nature by his father and in the social graces by his mother. As a result, he's both slightly competitive and polite. Ashley is a determined kid who sets his mind on a particular goal.


Ashley Douglas William Cavanaugh was born to Nicholas Howard Cavanaugh and Millie Virginia Hudson-Cavanaugh in Hertfordshire, England. He started up a friendship with a new neighbor, Lillian Newell, at an early age, and they were together for a little over a year before the Newell family moved to Yamabara, Japan. The two were pen pals for several years afterward before the Cavanaugh family moved to Yamabara in the early spring. The two were enrolled at the same school, an 11-year-old school called Sakurazaki Junior High which is known for being the first local school with a transgender dress code.

After his first day, he and Lillian found themselves fighting an insane man who claims to serve an individual called Skynet. The two became Cures and fought the nutjob off. They recruit six other Sakurazaki students to the fight against the evil organization run by this Skynet character.

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