Pretty Cure! Movie Review Commence! The one who remembers it for the mainstream types, I am Cure Betamax!

Angrier than the Angry Video Game Nerd, more critical than the Nostalgia Critic, and able to KO the nimrod that happens to be his stenographer, this is Cure Betamax, the reviewer Cure. Reviews by this very brave son of a biscuit are available here on this Wiki!


  1. The Streetfighter & Return of the Streetfighter
  2. Suspiria
  3. Nightflyers
  4. Apache Blood
  5. Ruckus in Madoc County
  6. George Romero's Night of the Living Dead
  7. Provoked
  8. The Outing
  9. Maid to Order
  10. John Carpenter's Halloween
  11. Earth Girls Are Easy
  12. Dawn of the Dead: A Comparison