Previously on Futari wa Pretty Cure Dragon...

Fatale had tried to defeat Pretty Cure during a Japanese festival but failed yet again.

She had some news to impart, though, about the impending discovery of the third Cure.

"Before you go off on me again, Thirteen" Fatale said, "I have some news for you."

Thirteen said, "Then spit it out; I'm very impatient!"

Fatale said, "I believe I found the third of those Pretty Cure freaks."

Thirteen said, "I'll deal with you later. Right now, you are to find and destroy her before she awakens!"

Fatale said, "That's easy, because I already know her name."

Thirteen said, "Then tell me before you go, in case you happen to be unlucky with your mission."

Fatale said, "Very well, Thirteen. Her name is…"

Who is the third Cure? Find out in tonight's episode of Futari wa Pretty Cure Dragon!

OP: "Danzen! Futari wa Pretty Cure Dragon"

"E in questo angolo, Cure Fang! - And in This Corner, Cure Fang!"

Ryan couldn't sleep that night. He really wanted to know who the third Cure was, and he had to know before Thirteen would send one of his agents to attack.

He knew it was going to be Rica, Kelly, or someone else; he just didn't know who. He muttered to himself, "If only I had such sensory abilities… then I'd be able to locate her… him… whatever."

This was on his mind all night. In the meantime, his roommates Rica and Kelly had visions in their sleep.

The next day, Rica had something fresh on her mind to tell Ryan. "I had a vision in which I was surrounded by ninja of the Fuma clan, the last of their kind. I got the aura of the lion and managed to fight some of them off, but a raccoon dog showed up and cleaned out the rest."

Ryan couldn't believe his ears.


Rica said, "For some reason, I recognized the raccoon dog, and she told me that I had the sign of the lion."


Kaitlyn said, "I had just about the same vision, only my aura was that of a swan, and the raccoon dog told me I had the sign of the swan."

Rica said, "No surprise, considering that you study ballet."

Kendra said, "The raccoon dog in my vision seemed to speak in Eileen's voice."

Rica said, "Same here."

Kendra continued, "I managed to clear out all but one of those Fuma ninja in my vision, in which I had the sign of the dog."

Rica said, "Amazing! That's seven more Fuma ninja than I cleared!"

Kaitlyn said, "I don't know what's causing our visions, though…"

Rica said, "I'd like to figure out what my vision means, too."

Kendra said, "In any case, we'd better pay attention; class is underway."

Kaitlyn said, "She's got a point."

They returned to concentrating on the class.

Meanwhile, Susan's classmates were just as abuzz about their own visions. Kelly wouldn't shut up about hers.

"So I was all by myself, surrounded by a group of Fuma ninja, the last of their clan, and then I get this aura of the tiger in me. That's when I recited Ezekiel 25:17 yet again.

"'The path of the righteous man and defender is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper, and the father of lost children.

"'And I will execute great vengeance upon thee with furious anger, you who poison and destroy my brothers; and you will know that I am Chiba the Bodyguard when I lay my vengeance upon thee!'

"And I struck down every one of them, and then this raccoon dog showed up and told me I bore the sign of the tiger."

Juanita said, "Interesting! I had a similar vision, only my sign was that of the bat and the raccoon girl had to knock out the last Fuma ninja!"

Kelly said, "I wonder if your vision means you're going to be the next Batgirl?"

Juanita said, "Well, it'd be a start."

Even Allie Sue Cooper had a similar vision. "My vision saw me carry the sign of the snake; I couldn't knock down half of those cursed Fuma ninja before I had to rely on that raccoon dog!"

Juanita said, "You poor thing!"

Susan said, "Don't pity her; you never know if she might hex you for the effort!"

"Really? I thought she needed it!"

Kelly said, "I don't think she'd appreciate it; besides, class is in session."

Susan felt a strong aura as Kelly said this. One of her classmates really had to be the third Cure, she knew it deep down.

However, she wouldn't let it break her concentration on her studies.

At Kin'iro High, Tad and Quent were rambling about the visions they received the night before.

Quent said, "Wait until Ryan hears about the vision I just received!"

Tad asked, "What about it?"

"Well, to put a long story short, I was surrounded by the last remaining Fuma ninja. I didn't know what to do. Then I got an aura shining in me, and I knocked down all but five. Then some brave raccoon dog knocked out the rest, and she told me I had the sign of the bee!"

Tad couldn't believe his ears. "Incredible! I had a similar vision last night too, only I had the sign of the ant!"

Quent said, "You busybody."

Tad said, "I wonder what our visions would mean…"

Quent said, "I'm just about as mystified as you are."

Tad said, "Ah, what the hell? Maybe someone's trying to play mind games with us."

Quent said, "I'm positive those visions actually mean something! But what do they mean? I wonder…"

Meanwhile, Newton and Bailey were in Ryan's dormitory when a raccoon dog came in. The raccoon dog said, "You two, listen up! I have something serious to say."

Newton said, "Then speak now or forever hold your peace!"

The raccoon dog said, "I've been watching certain of Ichiban's students to see whether they could be the third Cure, and I don't know who she is, but whoever she is she could awaken any minute now!"

Bailey said, "That's good news, right?"

"For us. The bad news is, Thirteen has already sent an assassin after her. To further complicate matters, someone's gaining delusions of grandeur and claiming to be the third Cure! Not that that's likely to attract the assassin's attention, but yes, even I'm confused. Over and out!"

The raccoon dog departed. Newton asked, "What does that mean?"

Bailey said, "It means today's going to be a big day."

Then Ryan and Rica walked in, followed by Susan and Kelly. Ryan said, "You're not going to believe what Rica and I heard during class today!"

Susan said, "Same with me and Kelly! All the girls were talking about the visions they had received overnight."

Kelly said, "The visions were remarkably similar--we each faced off against a gang of Fuma ninja, and then a raccoon dog showed up and cleared out whatever we didn't already KO and then told us the signs we had. I, for one, had the sign of the tiger."

Rica said, "I had the sign of the lion!"

Ryan said, "And Kaitlyn, the ballerina in my class, had the sign of the swan."

Rica said, "He was certainly listening clearly, you know. Kaitlyn did indeed have the sign of the swan."

Susan said, "Juanita had the sign of the bat. There were many jokes about her possibly being the next Batgirl."

Ryan muttered, "And where's Batman when you need him?"

Rica said, "Probably Kin'iro High, I guess."

Ryan said, "I'm betting Robin's at Kin'iro High, too. Either way, this is not Batman, Inc. that we're part of. This is Pretty Cure. Our main mission right now is to look for the third Pretty Cure. Not the Millennium City Batman, not the Millennium City Robin, not the Millennium City Batgirl. The third Pretty Cure."


As they were eating dinner in the school cafeteria, Ryan, Susan, Rica, and Kelly were watching the HDTV. Rica said, "I wonder if this third Cure's going to make the news…"

Susan said, "I'm sure she'll show up on the news some time."

Kelly said, "You think? If it was the real deal, she wouldn't start out by fighting the Yakuza live at five, or whatever time it happens to be."

They tried to concentrate on both the news and their dinner at the same time, but as the tension increased, their ability to multitask decreased. Rica said, "I'm dead serious. When the hell will she show up? I'd really like to see her in action!"

Ryan quietly said, "Just be patient, OK?"

Rica said, "Easy for you to say."

The newscaster suddenly received a bunch of papers from an assistant. "This just in, someone claiming to be Cure Bee has just been caught live on camera fighting some mobsters by our news team while they were trying to investigate a new drug ring. Our investigative reporter is on the scene at Thousand Oaks, a suburban neighborhood near Ichiban High School…"

Rica said, "I'd like to know just what the hell's going on…"

Kelly said, "That's my neighborhood!"

Rica said, "Come on, limey! Let's see if one of your friends decided to play vigilante!"

They got up at once, trying to finish up what was left of their dinner as they did so.

After hanging a sign reading "DO NOT DISTURB" on the door of their dormitory, they ran outside and stopped just short of the school gate. Ryan and Susan then ran into a secluded area and returned not one minute later as Cures Dragon and Fortune.

Cure Dragon said, "If it's a copycat, I'm going to be so disappointed."

They passed through the gate.

After arriving at Thousand Oaks, the group tried to make out the scene. What they saw was Cure Bee, clad in a black Gothic Lolita dress with yellow accents, white tights, and black Mary Janes, fighting a bunch of Yakuza.

What Cure Dragon recognized was his friend Quent. And boy, was he irritated!

Accompanied by Cure Fortune, they rushed in and knocked out the Yakuza that hadn't been felled. They then dragged Quent away as Cure Fortune said, "Sorry, boys, the newcomer needs some more training, obviously."

Marching Quent over to Rica and Kelly, they accompanied them to Ichiban and let him go upon passing the gates. Cure Dragon asked, "What is the meaning of this, Quent?"

Quent asked, "How did you know who I was?"

Cure Dragon asked, "Who else would dress in drag and fight Yakuza live on television just to advertise Pretty Cure right after receiving a vision of himself fighting Fuma ninja?"

Quent said, "Sorry, Ryan! I thought you and your lady friend needed another sidekick!"

Rica said, "But you don't have to make a fool of yourself live on television just to prove a point!"

Kelly said, "Besides, your other buddy seems sensible enough to not fight the Yakuza in costume on news cameras. I'm just glad you weren't wearing high heels…"

Cure Fortune said, "She's got a point, Quent; I tried sparring with her in high heels once, and it didn't end well for me. I wound up tripping quite a bit!"

Suddenly, Cure Dragon noticed a familiar femme fatale approaching them. He said, "Now you've done it, Quent--gone and drew the real villains to you! And now we're going to have to drive her away again… here goes nothing."

As Rica, Kelly, and Quent watched, he and Cure Fortune went at Fatale together and started punching and kicking at her. Fatale proved to be quite the challenge this time around, though, and she managed to land several hits on both effortlessly.

Rica said, "Oh, I hope the third Cure awakens soon…"

It was clear that the Cures were getting worn out fast. Quent said, "Hang in there, Ryan. Hang in there."

The fight still dragged on. Cure Dragon was trying hard not to collapse as he landed blows on Fatale and she landed more on him.

When Cure Fortune was knocked down, it became clear that Fatale had the upper hand. Still, Cure Dragon pressed on. He was not about to give up.

Suddenly, a raccoon dog showed up. She muttered an incantation. Suddenly, right before Kelly's eyes appeared a transformer. She was amazed. "It's the same device my friends use!"

"Pick it up."

Kelly hesitated. "PICK IT UP."

Kelly managed to pick it up. Almost immediately, the words came to her. "Bodyguard, come forth!"

Suddenly, Kelly was covered by a bright light. Within a minute, the light subsided, and the transformation was complete.

Kelly was now clad in a bronze knee-length tunic with a green triangle on it, bronze arm warmers, copper bike shorts, black tights, and bronze boots.

"Protecting my friends, I am Cure Fang! Let those who worship evil's might beware my power! The bodyguard's light!"

Fatale said, "It can't be… how could she awaken this quickly? It's that raccoon bitch's fault for being near Kelly Chiba at a time like this! I'll deal with her later; right now, I've got to put Cure Fang back down!"

Cure Fang said, "Not on my watch!"

She then pointed her arms toward Cures Dragon and Fortune to get them back on their feet. The three charged toward Fatale and managed to land a few more hits on her.


Cure Fang said, "I'm how."

She then grabbed Fatale and threw her down. "The path of the righteous man and defender is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper, and the father of lost children.

"And I will execute great vengeance upon thee with furious anger, you who poison and destroy my brothers; and you will know that I am Chiba the Bodyguard when I lay my vengeance upon thee!"

Cures Dragon and Fortune followed with their attack. "GOLD THUNDER!"

"SILVER THUNDER! We who are different as day and night…"

"Do join together and combine our might!"


The attack threw Fatale into the sky yet again.

Afterwards, a montage of the characters' visions was displayed as a voiceover narration was supplied by Ryan.

"It's not a matter of wanting to protect your friends, or how strong you are, or how pure your heart is, or whether you're a boy or a girl. It's what matters to you that's important.

"After the day's events, Rica, Juanita, and Kendra vowed to do whatever they could to support me, Susan, and Kelly in our fight against Thirteen, both as moral support and as backup.

"At the end of the day, their role in all this likely will be recognized in the annals of Pretty Cure history, not as Cures, but as valuable allies.

"And when that day comes… I'm sure we will all have reason to celebrate victory in another fight for the martial arts.

"But for now, we must continue to press on, as Thirteen and his cronies have not yet been destroyed.

"We must continue to press on for the future of Ichiban.

"For the future of Millennium City.

"For the future of the martial arts."


Next episode: "La pattinatrice - The Skater"

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