• The series uses a "Futari wa" structure for the most part, with a Special Cure joining midway through the series.
  • The villain squad includes four enforcers.
  • Many episodes use a "monster of the week" formula, and fights in most of these end with a finishing move from the Cures.
  • The Cures have counterparts from the past who serve as recurring allies.
  • The mascot has a humanoid form, and she goes to school with the Cures.
  • This is the first series to have different costumes for the Cures depending on the environment in which they transform. Of course, the costume variations don't grant them new skills or powers. Confirmed costume variants include the Regular Variant (worn in many episodes), Ballerina Variant, Super Sentai Variant, Racing Variant, Sports Variant, Feudal Variant, Beach Variant, and Gymnastics Variant.



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