The students were crowded around the bulletin boards to see their test results.

Each was trying to figure out just how well they did and how far up in their class they were.

Ryan, Susan, Rica, and Kelly were among them.

Kelly said, "I wonder how I did…"

Susan said, "I'm certain you did fine, Kelly. I just hope the teachers had the same sentiments…"

Rica said, "Hey, look at this!"

Ryan and Susan were at the top of their respective classes, and Rica and Kelly were third. Kendra was second in her class, as was Juanita.

Susan said, "I told you so."

Kelly said, "I know. I didn't do as well as you did, but at least I'm not further down…"

Rica said, "I guess that means summer vacation for us, huh?"

Susan said, "Um, Rica, this might come as a shock, but…"

Rica looked where Susan indicated. Yes, there at the top of her class was Eileen Fields. "She's at the top of her class? You've got to be joking…"

OP: "Danzen! Futari wa Pretty Cure Dragon"

"Estate - Summer"

Ryan soon found himself doing some more clothes shopping.

Rica said, "Ryan, understand that you don't need to expose your chest area with your swimsuit; otherwise, you might let the cat out of the bag, and you don't want that, right?"

Ryan said, "Um, no."

Rica said, "Indeed, during swim class nobody pays any attention to you because their sight senses are dulled enough that they can't tell a boy from a girl unless he opens his mouth or someone touches the wrong area. You've been lucky so far, so the least you could do is continue to preserve the illusion."

Ryan said, "I know that, Rica. I just… don't know what to wear to the beach."

Susan pulled something off the rack. "How about this frilly bikini?"

Rica said, "Not a chance, Susan; Ry's gotta wear something that'll cover the chest. And an aside to the limey: you might want to shave your legs before you go out."

Ryan said in a hushed tone, "Don't bring that up in public, Rica! Do you wish to embarrass me in front of even my closest friends?"

Rica said, "Sorry, Ry. I guess I got a little carried away. Oh! I know! How about this tankini?"

The top was low enough to cover the midriff. Ryan said, "Well, it would clearly match the color of my swim trunks."

Rica said, "It's settled, then!"

Emerging from the bathroom some time later in the tankini, Ryan said, "Thank goodness I was careful."

Kelly asked, "Do you always wear a swimsuit when you shave your legs?"

Ryan said, "Only if I'm having a swim class that day."

Grabbing his swim trunks, he put them on over his tankini and said, "Now then, let's have some summer fun!"

Susan said, "First, Kelly and I have to get ready."

Rica had already changed into her swimsuit. It consisted of a purple tankini top with a zipper on the front and mid-thigh shorts of a similar shade of purple. She said, "You know, you're really starting to assimilate into the student body. Of course, it's nice to know that you, like everyone else, have your own unique talent that you're developing here. Everyone in this room has the same talent. It's called martial arts."

Ryan said, "I kind of knew that."

Rica said, "It's something you should know all the time--that martial arts is what brings you and me and Susan and Kelly together. Sure, there are other students that practice the martial arts, but I'm certain we're a perfect team. I'm perfectly happy to count Kendra among our circle."

Ryan said, "It's nice to know."

The bathroom door opened, and Susan and Kelly emerged wearing their swimsuits. Kelly asked, "Shall we?"

Ryan said, "Let's go."

They exited the dormitory carrying their swim bags.

Somewhere on the beach, a young man was making a new surfboard. Ryan, Susan, Rica, and Kelly passed him as they entered, and Rica said, "Hi, Cal! Watch me hang ten on that surfboard I bought from you a couple of years ago!"

Cal said, "Good luck!"

Kelly asked, "Are you really sure it's a good idea?"

Rica said, "I can handle any wave, Kelly! Watch this!"

Sure enough, Rica was riding the waves like it was nobody's business. Ryan, Susan, and Kelly all had their eyes glued on her. Kelly said, "Would you look at that girl hang ten!"

Susan said, "Yeah, I'm watching. She's doing good, isn't she?"

Kelly said, "Let's hope she doesn't get too cocky…"

Rica suddenly went straight toward a wave. Kelly covered her eyes, Ryan covered his mouth, and Susan covered her ears as she wiped out.

Rica, meanwhile, found herself in the eye of the wave along with her surfboard. She swam toward the surfboard, but it kept eluding her for about a minute.

They went over the water and under again before Rica finally grabbed it and pushed her way out of the water.

She drifted slowly toward the beach as Ryan, Susan, and Kelly moved toward her. Kelly asked, "Are you all right?"

Rica said, "Yeah… I just went through the eye of the wave. That's all."

Susan said, "Um, Rica, that wasn't a very major achievement."

Rica said, "Well, it was when George Greenough did it!"

Susan said, "That's the point, Rica: it's been done."

Afterwards, Ryan and Susan started working on a sandcastle together. They topped it off with a small green flag and took pictures. Susan said, "Wait until Newton and Bailey see this castle!"

Then Eileen came stomping around, crushing the sandcastles nearby under her feet. She said, "I AM GODZILLA HEAR ME ROOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAR!"

Two sandcastles were crushed within four seconds of each other. As she tried to stomp on a third, Eileen's foot got caught in some wet sand. As Susan saw her try to get her foot out, she asked, "Where does she think she is, Morecambe Bay?"

Ryan and Susan run over to where Eileen was and grabbed her tapped foot at the ankle. They managed to carefully pull it out of the sand.

Eileen said, "Well, holy crap, I never thought I'd see you two here!"

Susan said, "Never thought we'd see you here either, Eileen. Exactly why the devil are you pretending to be Godzilla while stomping on sandcastles?"

Eileen said, "Just having some fun! Can't you have any around here?"

Susan said, "Sure, but try making sandcastles, not stomping on them."

Eileen said, "Just you watch, I'm going to make a bigger, better sandcastle than any on this beach!"

Kelly, who was making her own sandcastle nearby, said, "Great, now she's going into delusions of grandeur."

Sure enough, Eileen's hubris got the better of her once again. She constructed a sandcastle that was very big and said, "Hey, check out Fields Manor! Isn't it very grandiose?"

Then the waves came in, but not before Susan snapped a shot of it. As she heard the snapshot, Eileen, looking at the remains of her sandcastle, said, "That was a close one. Can you give me a copy?"

Susan said, "Certainly. Anything for Ichiban High's resident Joker!"

Eileen asked, "Do I look like I wear purple?"

Kelly said, "Hell no!"

Eileen said, "I didn't think so."

Unknown to all present, Fatale was watching from a nearby hut. She said, "Pretty Cure… soon, I will defeat you and destroy Test Subject Number 45. Who's going to save you this time?"


All of a sudden, in one part of the beach someone started sinking as if he was standing on quicksand.

Upon hearing the screaming, Ryan, Susan, Rica, and Kelly ran over to the scene and carefully approached the man. Rica said, "Hold on, young man; we're going to get you out of there!"

Kelly asked, "How do you do that?"

Rica said, "First of all, STAY CALM. Nothing is going to come out of flipping out when you sink. If you stay calm and lie down, you'll float!"

The man stopped flailing. He slowly moved into a horizontal position and started crawling out. Rica said, "You're doing fine, sir; keep at this pace, and you'll be out of there quickly!"

About a few seconds later, the man was on solid ground. He asked, "What the hell just happened?"

Ryan proceeded to talk with his hands.


"What are you talking about?"

Then Kendra walked to the scene and said, "It's quicksand. Fatale tried to cast a spell that creates a quicksand pit in an area within a four yard radius. Very dirty, and very cheap. She was aiming for my friends but somehow missed her mark."

Ryan looked around and saw no other apparent quicksand pits. Nobody was sinking either. Susan said, "She's wondering why there haven't been any other spontaneous quicksand pits showing up."

The reason? Eileen.

To be specific, she had run into the hut and seen the strange woman. With a bucket of water, she approached the woman saying, "You want to create a quicksand pit? Just add water!"



Suddenly, Eileen disappeared. Fatale, now a puddle, spread over to where a raccoon statue was standing. The statue jumped and disappeared. A voice said, "Watch it, you black magic practitioner!"

Fatale said, "I'm going to get you, you raccoon bitch! First, though, I'll have to concentrate on my mission to defeat Pretty Cure!"

With these words, Fatale morphed back into a human and ran out of the hut.

Ryan and Susan were standing outside, flanked by Rica, Kelly, and Kendra. Fatale did a facepalm and snarled, "I thought I killed you! What more do you want?"

Ryan said, "No second thoughts here."

He and Susan prepped their transformers. "Dual Fighting Spirit!"

"The golden warrior, I am Cure Dragon!"

"The silver warrior, I am Cure Fortune!"

"Together we're Pretty Cure!"

"Evil warriors of ill fortune…"

"We shall send you packing!"

Fatale snarled, "You again… all right, I'll fight you directly if that's what you want! A fair fight to the finish, as it were. Now have at you!"

Cures Dragon and Fortune didn't need to be told twice. They charged at Fatale in sync and kicked at her, but they were swatted away easily.

Rica and Kelly stepped forward as Rica said, "Now here's some backup, to protect Kendra while Cures Dragon and Fortune recover from your blows!"

Sure enough, Cures Dragon and Fortune got back up as Rica and Kelly were swatted away. Cure Dragon said, "I think we need to go at her individually now. We can do more damage that way."

Cure Fortune said, "Good idea!"

Cure Dragon went first. He landed a few blows to the gut, the shoulders, and the jaw before being swatted away.

Cure Fortune took a bunch of coins from behind her back and threw them at Fatale to try to distract her. Fatale was distracted, but she managed to pick up a coin and knock Fortune down by throwing it at her.

Rica said, "You heard the limey, Kelly; we should attack separately. We can do more damage that way!"

Rica then jumped and grabbed onto a tree branch above. Fatale asked, "Where the hell are you?"

Rica let go and landed behind Fatale. Tapping her shoulder, she whispered, "Here."


Rica socked Fatale and roundhouse kicked her jaw. She landed a few more punches before being swatted away.

Kelly proceeded to charge at Fatale and punch her like crazy before being knocked down.

Both Cure Dragon and Cure Fortune had recovered by that point. Cure Dragon said, "She's been weakened!"

Cure Fortune said, "Right, then. Let's send her packing!"

Fatale said, "I remember how Mr. Black used to react negatively to that… I don't particularly like what's coming! I'll kill you before you can land a punch on me!"

Rica said, "Don't worry, you two. We'll cover you!"

Fatale snarled, "You think I appreciated it in Detroit! I experienced something I don't wish to mention on this channel! Now I'll send you two punks to Detroit!"

"Not on my watch! GOLD THUNDER!"

"SILVER THUNDER! We who are different as day and night…"

"Do join together and combine our might!"


Fatale didn't stand a chance. "LOOKS LIKE FATALE IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN!"

As Fatale became a twinkle in the sky, Kendra said, "Thanks for saving my life again, Ryan and Susan."

Cure Fortune said, "Just doing our duties as students of Ichiban High."

Cure Dragon said, "Yes… to protect other Ichiban students from danger."

Eileen exited the hut in her swimsuit and said, "Wow, that knocked me out for a while. So what did I miss?"

Cure Fortune said, "That woman whose malicious black magic you disrupted? We sent her back to Detroit."

Everyone laughed.


Next episode: "Festa - Festival"

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