"Hold still, limey! Do you think I can do your hair while you're squirming around? So stay put!"

Rica was working on getting Ryan's hair done while reading a book. She continued, "Doubly so since I'm not a pro at this and have to consult a book to get your looks right."

Susan, already dressed in her kimono, said, "You're not doing bad there, Rica. Just put a flower in his hair."

Rica said, "I'm not at that part yet! After I'm done with his hair, you can play the part of makeup artist."

Susan said, "I was planning on it."

Rica did some more work on Ryan's hair before sticking a flower-shaped hair dec on. She said, "Now just some makeup from Susan, and you're all set!"

Ryan was already in his Japanese festival clothes, consisting of a pink silk kimono, red andon bakama, and white tights. He wasn't wearing his sandals, though.

Rica said, "He'll probably look almost like a cutie when Susan's through with him! Right, Kelly?"

Kelly said, "Yeah. One question: why aren't you doing it when his hair as you did it looks good?"

Rica's expression soured. She said, "You've got to be joking..."

OP: "Danzen! Futari wa Pretty Cure Dragon"

"Festa - Festival"

Rica and Kelly were getting a good look at Susan's makeup job on Ryan. Rica said, "With such good looks as those, you could almost pass as a cherry blossom girl!"

Indeed, Ryan did look cute with the makeup. He said, "Thanks, Rica."

Rica said, "Any time."

Kelly, who was wearing a yukata over green leggings, said, "Now that I think about it, Rica, aren't you going to wear anything?"

Rica said, "Now that you mention it…"

Rica could almost pass as a samurai with her festival clothes, consisting of a dark red kimono and bright red hakama pants. She also had a wooden bokken on hand.

Ryan said, "I guess we're ready."

Rica said, "Then let's go! Do you think the goldfish will be waiting for just the four of us to scoop them?"

Meanwhile, Thirteen was most displeased by Fatale's latest failure. "Why do you fail me yet again? And why do you look once more like you just came back from Detroit?"

Fatale said, "Detroit happens to be a recent favorite place for those punks to send me to after defeating me, Thirteen. Plus, it's the summer; they could be at any festival by now."

Thirteen said, "Great… another reconnaissance mission for me to send one of my own minions on. Go to any Japanese festival happening around the world; they could be anywhere. Anywhere."

Fatale said, "I will find them. And this time I'm certain they'll be the ones going to Detroit!"

Thirteen said, "I hope they fall this time, too; my patience with you is wearing thin. If you're lucky I might have you retrained."

Fatale asked, "And what if I'm not."

Thirteen snarled, "You don't want to know."

Fatale said, "Right, then. I'll bring them down."

With these words, Fatale left Thirteen's presence.

As footage of a Bon Dance in progress is shown, Rica provided this narration.

"The Millennium City Bon Dance Festival. An annual summer festival imported straight from Japan to Millennium City by Japanese immigrants. The location of the festival is the city square.

"Among the numerous activities, apart from the Bon Dance itself, are goldfish scooping, novelty shops, oriental eatery booths, and fireworks. The City Council, naturally, places restrictions on the usage of fireworks during any Japanese-style festival that takes place within city limits.

"Old songs are often sung during these festivals, and if you're close enough to 42nd Street, you'll hear someone sing a Japanese translation of the title song from the 1933 Busby Berkeley musical, as made famous by Berkeley's biggest star, Ruby Keeler."

Indeed, Ryan, Susan, Rica, and Kelly were nearby and were watching an Oriental rendition of the song "42nd Street" being performed by the idol Mount Rivers.

"Nu Youku no kokoro / Motte oudouri / Nu Youku no bubun / Tsuuka Taimusukuea / Warusutoriito Jyakku no kiruto / Moshimo anata jikan / Aru naraba

"Odorite mire de / Oudouri futari iku e / 42nd Street / Hyoushi o kike dansu / Uta aishite utau / 42nd Street

"Gojuu no nifutiizu / Junshin aru / Hachijuu no josei / Sekushi aru / Koko de ni narande / Andawaarudo to eriito / 42nd Street"

Rica's narration continued.

"Yes, even the Golden Oldies get the Oriental treatment at such festivals as these. I've been to several of these festivals, and so I've heard these Oriental rehashes with their Japanese translations. I'd much prefer to hear the Japanese translations over the original arrangements, as with the Japanese version of My Blue Heaven.

"Indeed, the Oriental elements are pervasive even in our popular music. It clearly isn't a Millennium City Japanese Festival without American Golden Oldies translated into Japanese. There are plenty from the Land of the Rising Sun too, of course, such as the pop classic Tokyo Shoe Shine Boy and Sayonara at the End of a Dance.

"Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I'm not here to talk about the music played at these festivals! I'm here to tell you about my experience at the Millennium City Bon Dance Festival with Ryan Lee, Susan Chan, and Kelly Chiba."

The song continued for less than a minute before the group continued onward.

Meanwhile, Ryan's old friends Tad and Quent were at the festival. Quent was wearing his own yukata, while Tad was wearing a more casual outfit.

Quent was looking around. He said, "You told me there'd be pretty women in yukata here, Tad! What gives?"

Tad said, "Look, Quent, you can chase girls when you know more about romance than you do about fooling around. This is a Japanese festival; you should be enjoying yourself and having a good time scooping goldfish or shopping for the novelties!"

"And the music?"

"Yes, you can listen to some Golden Oldies, both from here and from Japan."

No sooner did Tad say this than did Ryan, Susan, Rica, and Kelly show up in front of him and Quent. "Well, if it isn't my good friend Ryan! Nice to see you here at this festival."

Ryan curtsied. Tad said, "Please, Ryan, this isn't Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's coronation ball."

Rica said, "Hey! Only I can crack jokes about his bloody accent!"

Quent said, "No wonder, since you sound British, too."

Tad said, "Anyway, Ryan, I see you brought a new girlfriend along for the festival. What's her name, with the green hair?"

Kelly said, "Chiba, Kelly Chiba. Alias Chiba the Bodyguard."

Susan said, "We were actually about to do some goldfish scooping."

Quent pouted. Ryan asked, "What's wrong with goldfish scooping?"

Quent said, "I'll tell you what the hell is wrong with goldfish scooping, you freaking nitwit: the goldfish scooping booths are known for cheating the kids. It's five dollars for one go, and the net is so fragile it often breaks upon touching the damned water!"

Ryan said, "I can imagine the Clown Princess of Rulebreaking operating the goldfish scooping booth."

Quent asked, "Who's she?"

Rica said, "Eileen Fields. She's another student at Ichiban High. She's known for her playful nature, and 90% of all pranks are perpetrated by her. That's why we all know her as the Clown Princess of Rulebreaking."

Ryan said, "Now that you mention it, it'd be a nightmare if she was the head honcho of the goldfish scooping booth."

Sure enough, Eileen was at the booth.


One kid stepped up. Eileen said, "Here's a net for five dollars. Catch a goldfish and you can keep it for yourself!"

The kid paid up and took the net. It broke upon contact with the water. Eileen said, "Aw, that's too bad! Another go, for another five dollars? No? Suit yourself. Next!"

The next kid stepped up, paid up, grabbed the net and broke it in the water. Eileen said, "Anyone else who wants to catch these freshwater fish, feel free to step up!"

Ryan then walked up to the booth and put down five dollars. "Oh, Ryan. What a pleasant surprise. My, you look beautiful today. Take a net, and if you catch a goldfish you get to keep it!"

Ryan proceeded to talk with his hands.


Eileen snickered to herself and said, "Sucker."

Remembering his martial arts training, Ryan took a deep breath and closed his eyes. A voice in his head (belonging to his father) said, "Concentrate on your goal, Ryan, and nothing else. Your mind and body will become one."

He put the net in the water at high speed and scooped a goldfish. Rica, who accompanied him, said, "Eileen, please be sure to give the kids consolation goldfish."

Eileen said, "Thanks for reminding me."

Rica said, "In all honesty, it should be easy to remember."

Eileen said, "Congratulations on your catch, Ryan. You caught me totally off guard, something nobody else could do."

Ryan mimed the letters A, R, I, G, A, T, O, and U.


Eileen said, "Any time, sister."

Rica asked, "Now what shall we do next?"


Ryan pulled out a coin. Rica asked, "Do you have to leave everything to chance?"

Ryan said, "No. I'm just having a hard time deciding. Heads, we go buy novelties. Tails, we watch a fireworks show."

Kelly said, "All right, then, flip the freaking coin!"

Ryan flipped it. "Tails."

Rica said, "Then let's go already! I'd like to see myself some lights!"

Unknown to everyone, Fatale was watching them while reading a newspaper. She was accompanied by a pair of Yakuza thugs, also reading newspapers. She sneered, "Why aren't they noticing a trio of people reading their own newspapers together? Wouldn't it garner suspicion? Ah, what the hell? We'll continue to trail those four."

The fireworks displays looked brilliant, with trails of different colors and shapes ranging from stars to music notes to UFOs to crescent moons to dragons.

Most everyone got the chance to display their skills with fireworks as far as City Council ordinances would allow them; even Ryan, Susan, Rica, and Kelly did their own fireworks displays.

Ryan's was a trail resembling that of a gymnastics ribbon, his movements with the pink fireworks stick graceful and fluid. Susan's was shaped like a crescent moon and colored blue. Rica's was shaped like a horse and colored red. Kelly's was shaped like a tiger and colored green.

Juanita and Kendra were also wielding their own fireworks sticks. Juanita's was shaped like a fan, and Kendra's was shaped like an egg.

Rica exclaimed, "Isn't it great? These Japanese festivals are quite spectacular!"

Susan said, "I couldn't agree more."

Kelly said, "Um, guys, I must warn you."

Rica was confused. "Warn us?"

"Tell you… trouble at 6:00."

Ryan detected the trouble at once. He kicked a Yakuza thug in the gut and pushed him down. He said, "Fatale… I knew you'd show your face sooner or later, to ruin the festivities as well-known in the Land of the Rising Sun."

Fatale said, "I'm less than thrilled to see you too, Pretty Cure."

Susan said, "Yes, the feeling is mutual."

Rica said, "If you're going to take us on, do it! But don't use fireworks; they could blind someone!"

She snuffed her fireworks stick and laid it down. Ryan, Susan, and Kelly did the same. Fatale said, "I'm counting on it."

She and her Yakuza thugs then proceeded to start attacking them. Ryan and Rica saw fit to deal with one Yakuza thug; Susan and Kelly teamed up on the other. Kelly tucked her yukata under her leggings to make movement easier.

The Yakuza thugs, as always, were no match for our heroes, but Fatale had another trick up her sleeve. She flipped Ryan's andon bakama. It was the wrong thing to do. Ryan was particularly touchy about such a move, and he proceeded to throw her down. He calmly said, "I have no qualms about attacking a woman if she dares flip my skirt."

He then smashed her face in with his foot. Susan said, "Unbelievable! Did she pick that up from one of her goons?"

Ryan said, "Doubtful; the one Rica and I were fighting didn't do the same to me."

Fatale pushed herself back up and snarled, "You'll pay for that!"

Ryan took out the fan that was an accessory with his andon bakama and swatted away a sai dagger that Fatale proceeded to throw. He asked, "Why does this start to feel more and more like an action movie?"

He proceeded to block more sai daggers thrown his way. "Quick, Susan. The transformer!"

Followed by Rica and Kelly, he and Susan then ran into a secluded area and whipped out their transformers. "Dual Fighting Spirit!"

"The golden warrior, I am Cure Dragon!"

"The silver warrior, I am Cure Fortune!"

"Together we're Pretty Cure!"

"Evil warriors of ill fortune…"

"We shall send you packing!"

Fatale stopped shocked briefly. She said, "I sense something. I sense an additional presence here, similar to that of Cure Dragon and Cure Fortune. Where could it be coming from?"

Cure Dragon said, "You'll find out only when you get past us!"

He and Cure Fortune then proceeded to attack her. What followed was a visual symphony of punches and kicks as one side tried to outdo the other.

Fatale managed to land a few hits, but the Cures ultimately got the better of her, helped by Rica and Kelly. The Cures were no slouches, but Rica and Kelly certainly amplified the damage done to Fatale.

Rica, for instance, landed a few roundhouse kicks on her and managed to hit her a few times with her wooden bokken. Kelly was more inclined to direct physical contact, exclusively relying on punches and kicks and getting her in the weak spots.

This continued for about a couple of minutes before Fatale was knocked down. Cure Dragon said, "So you said you detected the presence of Cure energy, huh?"

Fatale said, "Yes. And she's right under your nose, but you don't know it yet, and you probably never will!"

Cure Dragon said, "Give my regards to your boss, then, and tell him just who you think the new one is. GOLD THUNDER!"

"SILVER THUNDER! We who are different as day and night…"

"Do join together and combine our might!"


This sent Fatale and her Yakuza thugs flying high in the sky, until they became a twinkle.

Even as they were watching a performance of "Tokyo Shoe Shine Boy", Ryan, Susan, Rica, and Kelly were still quite perplexed by the events just transpired.

Kelly said, "I just have one question: exactly what did she mean when she said the third Cure may be right under our noses?"

Ryan said, "I'm just about as mystified as you are."

Susan said, "So am I."

Rica said, "You're so clueless, aren't you? It means one of us could be the third Cure--me, Kelly, Eileen, Kendra, Juanita, Wing, Kaitlyn, Lisa… hell, even one of Ryan's two buddies from Kin'iro High!"

Ryan said, "You've got to be kidding, right? I mean, come on! I could see Quent as a Cure, but Tad? And I don't think Eileen's got what it takes to be a Cure, since she isn't related to any Cure at all even though she claims such a relation. So it's got to be either you, Kelly, Kendra, Juanita, Wing, Kaitlyn, Lisa, or Quent."

Kelly said, "You got that right."

Susan said, "Well, in any case, tonight was a fun night! We should do it again next year!"

Rica said, "Agreed!"

They continued to watch the performance.

"Before you go off on me again, Thirteen" Fatale said, "I have some news for you."

Thirteen said, "Then spit it out; I'm very impatient!"

Fatale said, "I believe I found the third of those Pretty Cure freaks."

Thirteen said, "I'll deal with you later. Right now, you are to find and destroy her before she awakens!"

Fatale said, "That's easy, because I already know her name."

Thirteen said, "Then tell me before you go, in case you happen to be unlucky with your mission."

Fatale said, "Very well, Thirteen. Her name is…"


Next episode: "E in questo angolo, Cure Fang! - And in This Corner, Cure Fang!"

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