One of the key elements of existence.

Without it, the universe can't possibly exist.

One dimension isn't even enough. A straight line, maybe, but not much more besides.

Two dimensions is enough, but it won't get you many places. Up, down, left right, but that's just about it. In fact, the only stuff two dimensions is useful for is such things as old video games like Pong.

Three dimensions enhances the universe and adds to its already evident width and height, depth.

There is a fourth dimension called time, but that's not important right now.

Also, there is a fifth dimension, but that's another story.

The story that's about to unfold is about how a few kids at a private school somewhere in Japan saved the third dimension.

This is a database of episodes for my series, Futari wa Pretty Cure Dimensions.


  1. Enter the Third Dimension
  2. Sai What?
  3. Prima Acrobata
  4. Ein, Zwei, Drei, Fear!
  5. The Time to Have a Match
  6. Geek Gathering
  7. Breakdown
  8. The Great Chase
  9. Volleyball
  10. Martial Artist vs. Acrobat
  11. Inferiority Complex
  12. A Different Ken
  13. Cooking Contest
  14. The Past Life of the Headmaster
  15. A Death in the Family
  16. Legend of Eight Samurai
  17. Fun on the Beach
  18. Tight Corner