"You're going where tomorrow?"

Ryan was on the phone with one of his friends from his days at Aizawa Junior High. "Millennium City Museum for the Arts. It's for a field trip. My friend Susan's class is also going on the field trip."

The boy on the other end said, "Sounds fun!"

Ryan said, "But please… be careful. There's a crazy lunatic going about dressed as a mariachi and firing lasers. He also uses a racist linguistic marker in his speech.1 Not the kind of guy you want to be friends with."

"Racist linguistic marker?1 I ought to punch his lights out when I cross his path!"

"Don't bother. Chances are, he'll fry you with his lasers before you can get within half a foot of him."

"No kidding?"

"Hope to see you tomorrow, Tad!"

"You too, buddy!"

Ryan hung up. He turned to Susan and Rica with a serious look on his face. "I've got some shocking news."

Susan asked, "What is it?"

Ryan said, "My friends may be coming along for the ride."

OP: "Danzen! Futari wa Precure Dragon"

"Il museo dell'arte - The Art Museum"

Meanwhile, the man in black entered a pawn shop. He confronted a man who was the clerk. "¡Hola! I'm looking for una pistola de ustedes gringos."

The man asked, "Are you looking for an American-made gun?"

"Am I? Huh! Well, might as well defend myself from the mob, uh, o. El mob."

"You know, you look really familiar."

"El no! This is my first time in Millennium City."

"Nice try, super spade. That perfect Spanish almost had me. What are you, some kind of alien?"

"From another dimension, si. Not from another planeto."

The clerk pushed a button, closing all the doors and locking everyone inside. The man in black said, "Big mistake-o, amigo."

The man in black searched the store in the dark for an American-made model. "Hm, Smith y Wesson-o. This should do, uh, o. El do."

The clerk saw him pick up the Smith & Wesson and then witnessed something strange. "What is he doing? Well, whatever it is, that's a perfect distraction for me to incapacitate that super spade!"

The clerk walked away from behind the counter and picked up a gun, shooting the man in black's sombrero off. "That's for trying to buy a gun without a license! How do like that, super spade?"2


"Yes, super spade!2 I'm saving the best shot for last! Your sombrero was just target practice, because it was too damn easy!"

The man in black smiled as he aimed his gun and said, "Yes, it was."


The man in black noticed that the clerk had called 911 in an attempt to stop him: "911, what's your emergency?"

As the man in black returned to the phone, the dispatch asked, "Hello? Where are you?"

The man in black said, "Come in, dispatch. Send more cops."3

Hanging up, the man in black dialed another number.

Two boys were waiting at the Ichiban gates, named J. Thaddeus Long and Quent Johnson. They were wearing the uniform of their current school, Kin'iro High. A teacher emerged and asked, "What do you want?"

Tad said, "I'm a friend of Ryan Lee, who goes to school here. My friend and I were hoping to go along on your field trip to the museum."

The teacher said, "Right… that'll be the standard bus fare."

After the two paid up, the teacher opened the gates. They walked in and saw a pair of buses. Ryan, Susan, and Rica were nearby. The two walked up to them. Tad asked, "Excuse me, ladies, but I'm looking for Ryan Lee."

Susan and Rica looked in Ryan's direction. He nodded, and the three descended upon the two. Minerva Sampson asked, "What's going on here?"

Rica said, "Give us a few minutes; we're going to tell these two unexpected guests the rules for traveling with us."

Miss Sampson said, "All right, I'll leave you three to them."

The trio took Tad and Quent to an empty area. Quent asked, "What was that about?"

Rica said, "Hate to rain on your parade, but this is a girls' school. Ryan wound up here completely by accident. By the way, he's the one with the red hair."

Tad said, "Hey, long time, no see, buddy!"

Ryan curtsied. "How do you do?"

Susan said, "He does that. Says he got it from TV or something. He must really wish to blend in, and Rica and I are helping him do so."

Rica said, "And you are, too, if you wish to travel with us!"

Quent asked, "So what are the rules?"

Ryan said, "Obviously, don't flip anyone's skirt, especially not mine. Don't reach for anyone's crotches… or breasts. Also, don't say anything stronger in magnitude than the F word, and even then, don't overdo it with the colorful metaphors--"

Quent said, "Hey, hold it, Ryan; what's worse than the F word?"

Ryan said, "You don't want to know."

Rica said, "Basically, it's not a word you want to use around women."

Tad's face reddened. "You mean--"

Ryan said, "Language, please!"

Tad said, "Oh. Sorry. Carry on."

Ryan said, "Anyway, don't expect to hear me talk at any point in the field trip; keep your hands and feet to yourselves; don't touch anything inside the museum unless museum staff or a sign inside explicitly tells you that you can; don't drink; don't smoke; don't claim to be a relative of Pretty Cure like Eileen Fields did earlier today; and most importantly, chewing gum is really gross; chewing gum I hate the most."

Tad said, "You hear that, Quent? Don't fool around. Don't worry, girls, I'll reign him in as much as possible."

Ryan said, "Thanks."


The buses parked outside the Millennium City Museum. The students and staff disembarked as another bus showed up. Ryan, Rica, Tad, and Quent got off together. Quent said, "Oh, man! To listen to Ryan would be depriving ourselves!"

Tad said, "Now, Quent, listen to our friend. Ryan's advice is sound, isn't it?"

Rica said, "You bet your ass."

Susan rendezvoused with her friends and said, "Oh, this is exciting! One of the teachers has special plans for the trip! And Ryan, I think it's someone familiar."

Ryan curtsied as the teacher walked up. The teacher, Victoria Chan, said, "Hello, Ryan. We meet again."

"Great, the ballet teacher had to be involved in the planning process! Of course, I happened to luck out, as the Americans would say."

Rica said all this as she finished buttoning up her doublet. Susan said, "Luck of the draw, huh? Indeed, you look pretty handsome dressed as Prince Siegfried."

Rica asked, "But… doesn't Prince Siegfried die at the end?"

Susan said, "You may not know this, but Swan Lake originally had a happier ending. You see, originally, the production ended with a marriage instead of a double suicide. It wasn't until after Tchaikovsky died that the ending was changed, with a modified score by his son and a modified choreography by Marius Petipa. Recently, though, the Mariinsky Ballet has taken to performing the version with the happier ending, somewhat similar to Julius Reisinger's original version."

Ryan, who wound up being dressed as the Lilac Fairy from Sleeping Beauty said, "OK, girls, let's go. The guided tour's about to commence." Looking in Susan's direction, he said, "That means you too, Princess Florine."

Ryan, Susan, and Rica emerged from the dressing room. Susan said, "Of course, it was Mum's idea to dress us all up as ballet characters. She thought it would bring some aesthetic to an art museum field trip."

Indeed, many students were dressed as such. Juanita herself was dressed as a Spanish Hot Chocolate dancer from The Nutcracker; Tad was dressed as Count Albrecht from Giselle; and Quent was dressed as Giselle herself.

Then a woman wearing a blue pantsuit appeared and said, "Welcome, guests, to this guided tour of the Millennium City Museum! Here, you'll get to see paintings and sculptures and other works of art by such greats as van Gogh, Degas, Rembrandt, Raphael, Donatello, and that guy, among others."

Tad raised his hand. "A question already?'

Tad said, "Yeah, who is that guy?"

The tour guide said, "I will not mention his name, but I will say he'd be much less hated if he had just stuck to painting for the rest of his life."

Rica said, "You hear that, limey?4 That's the single most evil person in the world she's talking about! Indeed, I wonder how he would've been if he stayed in the art profession."

The tour guide said, "Well, come along!"

Unknown to those present, the man in black was outside, near the three buses. "All right-o, Pretty Cure! I'm waiting-o for you two to finish up! Even though I am a very bad man-o, my boss Thirteen explicitly ordered me to refrain-o from shooting me lasers inside an art-o museum!"

Passing by one of the buses, he noticed a bunch of clothes hangers inside. "What is this-o, costume dia por los student-os?"

He walked closer to the entrance and said, "Come out-o, come out-o, wherever you are!"3


After the guided tour ended, the guide said, "I never imagined such a cruel man had the potential to paint such a good picture. Like I said earlier, he should've remained an artist. Well, that's it for this tour. Have a nice day!"

Ryan, Susan, and most of the other girls curtsied. Everyone then gathered in front of a mural of the Millennium City landscape for a picture. Holding the IQ180 camera to make sure the whole of both classes were in the frame, Victoria said, "All right, everyone, say cheese!"

The photo was taken, and Victoria said, "Good job, everybody! I'll have the photo printed and given to all of you as a souvenir!"

As Ryan, Susan, and Rica started to return to the dressing rooms to change back into their school uniforms, they noticed the man in black outside the museum. Rica said, "That's him. We'd better find out what he's up to."

Tad and Quent joined the trio. Ryan asked, "Why are you two joining us?" Tad said, "I don't want to see my friend get hurt. Fact is, neither does Quent." The five walked out as Tad continued, "We'll protect you no matter what!"

Backing up a bit, the man in black said, "About maldito time-o! Please, you cinco… don't come any closer! Me quarrel-o es solo con dos de ustedes. The other tres… don't give me any reason to fight you!"

Tad said, "Oh, you have good reason to fight us, super spade."5

The man in black said, "Now that's more like it!" He whipped out his laser gun, circled around the five until he was between them and the museum, and opened fire. Tad said, "Oh, shit!"

Ryan asked, "What did you call him?"5

Quent asked, "Do you know this guy?"

Ryan said, "Know him? I fought him! Three times! But I don't remember his laser fire ever being able to burn through concrete!"

Rica said, "Indeed! he seems to be quite the basket case, to go around shooting freaking lasers while dressed as a mariachi!"

Ryan said, "Susan and I will handle this punk."

Tad said, "Oh, no. Not without us! Right, Quent?"

Quent said, "Yeah! Hey, super spade! Don't mess with our friends and assume you're going to get away with it!"

Another laser beam was fired. Quent dodged just in time. Ryan said, "All right, you, that wasn't very nice! I'll fix you!"

Ryan and Susan proceeded to fight the man in black. None of that pretty stuff like the last two encounters; this time, they meant business. Rica, Tad, and Quent helped out with the beatdown as well. The emerging students watched. One of them asked, "Is this, like, out of a scene from Princess Tutu or something?"

Another said, "I ought to hit you--pay closer attention. Do the ballerinas look like they're dancing? No. This looks more like something you should expect from The Streetfighter films."

Ryan asked, "Did they call us ballerinas?"

Susan said, "Must be our costumes."

The fighting continued for about a minute. Ryan said, "Tad… Quent… I have a confession to make. Don't tell anyone."

Quent said, "'Don't tell anyone'… what we did just now is too exciting!"

Ryan said, "Just… stay quiet about what you'll see next. I can't do it until you agree to stay quiet about what you're about to see."

Tad said, "OK… that's reasonable. Even Quent will keep mum, I assure you. Right, Quent?"

Quent said, "…I guess."

As he and Susan got their transformers ready, Ryan said, "It's settled, then." The transformation began. "Dual Fighting Spirit!"

"The golden warrior, I am Cure Dragon!"

"The silver warrior, I am Cure Fortune!"

"Together we're Pretty Cure!"

"Evil warriors of ill fortune…"

"We shall send you packing!"6

A spectator among the students said, "Amazing… from tutus to Asian costumes!"

The girl next to her said, "Watch your language!"

"I only said Asian!"

"Yeah, in reference to a Chinese dress and a kimono! You should be very careful with that word--if an actual Asian heard you call a Chinese dress or a kimono Asian, they may not like it. Just saying."

"Anyway, this is seriously starting to look like a live special effects show."

Juanita said, "I wonder if what I'm seeing is being staged…"

The fight continued for another minute, ending when Cure Dragon and Cure Fortune kicked the man in black simultaneously on both sides. The man in black collapsed. "Ow… me cabeza… now what more do you want?"

Cure Fortune said, "Give our regards to Thirteen."


"SILVER THUNDER! We who are different as day and night…"

"Do join together and combine our might!"


The man in black was thrown clean into the sky screaming, "LOOKS LIKE THE MAN IN BLACK-O'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!"8

As Rica watched the man in black become a twinkle in the sky, she said, "And I hope I don't have to deal with you again, super spade."8

Later, on the bus ride back to the dormitories, Ryan, Susan, and Rica were still in their respective costumes, having been reminded by Mrs. Chan that there was "plenty more where those came from". Their uniforms were in their bags.

Ryan said, "So Tad… out of curiosity, why were you and Quent not in school today?"

Tad said, "Long story, but in a nutshell… the two of us originally weren't expecting to actually go on this trip with you, but we took the opportunity as soon as we learned that classes were cancelled for the day over at Kin'iro because some crazy super spade cut off the power with a laser. As a direct result, classes can't resume until the electricity is restored, which should happen some time tonight."

Newton and Bailey emerged from Ryan's bag. Newton asked, "Hey, how come I wasn't featured?"

Ryan said, "Let's just say you and Bailey could've caused a scene and confused the other students."

Bailey said, "And I don't see Susan on this bus. What happened with her?"

Rica said, "She's on another bus. Both classes took separate buses, right?"

Ryan said, "Certainly."

Meanwhile, the buses parked outside a digital photo print shop. Victoria disembarked from the costume bus and entered the shop.

Tad asked, "Now what's going on?"

Quent said, "Maybe Mrs. Chan's developing the group picture she took of the students."

Tad said, "She had better, or I'll have been bored to death, and for what?"

Meanwhile, Thirteen watched the whole thing via a monitor. "Stupid Pretty Cure… at least that loose cannon Black shares my love for Earth's art.

"Just you wait, Cure Dragon and Cure Fortune, because next time I'll choose your next arena much more carefully.

"I'll get you next time, Pretty Cure… next time."


The cyborg said, "Apologies, sir. I love cats."


"At ease, sir. I may be a buffoon, but at least I don't carry my gear in carpet bags!"

Thirteen said, "I see your point. But my point is, focus should remain on tracking those two Cures, and nothing else!"


Victoria finally emerged from the photo shop with two boxes of photos. She boarded Miss Sampson's bus. "All right, I've got some souvenirs!"

Victoria passed a photo from one box to all the students on the bus, as well as Tad and Quent. Tad said, "Thanks, Mrs. Chan!"

Victoria said, "You're quite welcome, mon petit!" She then got off the bus and gave the photos in the other box to the students on the other bus. After getting back in the costume bus, all three buses continued back to Ichiban.


Next episode: "Il uomo in nero - The Man in Black"

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Translation notesEdit

1.^ Hiroshi in the Japanese original notes that Kuro swears like he's from Chicago.
2.^ Kuro is called a sailor mouth (in plain English) in the Japanese version.
3.^ Spoken in English in the original Japanese version.
4.^ Originally "Kassarin" ("Catherine").
5.^ The Japanese version has Taro ask, "How about we kick your ass all the way to Chicago?" After Kuro starts firing lasers at the Cures and their friends, Hiroshi says, "Nice choice of words!"
6.^ Original Japanese version: "Duaru faitingu supiritu!" "Senshi no kin'iro, Kyua Doragon!" "Senshi no gin'iro, Kyua Foruchiun!" "Futari wa purikyua!" "Akuun no warui no senshi!" "Jigoku no ochiru!" ("Dual Fighting Spirit!" "The Golden Warrior, Cure Dragon!" "The Silver Warrior, Cure Fortune!" "We are Pretty Cure!" "Evil warriors of ill fortune!" "Fall into Hell!")
7.^ Original Japanese version: "Gorudo Sandaa!" "Shirubaa Sandaa!" "Purikyua no in to you no chikara ga..." "...Subete no aku wo uchikudaku!" "Purikyua metarupanchu!" ("Gold Thunder!" "Silver Thunder!" "The yin/yang power of Pretty Cure..." "...Shall crush all evil!" "Pretty Cure Metal Punch!")
8.^ When Kuro is thrown into the sky by Pretty Cure Metal Punch, he yells "BAD FEELING!" in the Japanese original. Rica responds by saying, "His ass has been kicked all the way to... Chicago."