It seemed like a typical day at the skating rink.

Ryan, wearing his summer uniform's leotard, a short white two-layer tutu skirt, white tights, and skates, was enjoying himself on the rink as Kelly tried to teach him.

During an attempt at a double axel, he fell. Kelly skated up to him, chuckled, and said, "Well, nobody gets it right on their first try. Even Rica's having a hard time trying to teach Susan pairs skating."

Indeed, Rica, who was all bundled up in a sweatshirt, cuffed jean shorts, black tights, and her own pair of skates, had just barely been able to lift Susan just a few inches off the ice.

Ryan got up and proceeded to talk with his hands.


Kelly said, "Indeed, you're right."

Suddenly, Rica said, "Guys, I have a feeling that something's about to go down and that we're going to be challenged real soon."

Susan asked, "Why?"

Rica said, "Last time I got that feeling, Ryan had to participate in a rhythmic gymnastics tournament. What next? Martial figure skating?"

OP: "Danzen! Futari wa Pretty Cure Dragon ~hybrid version~"

"La pattinatrice - The Skater"


Thirteen could not have been more upset. A teenage girl appeared trembling before him. She was wearing a black corset and tutu over a white leotard. She did not know why Thirteen had called her up, but she knew something big would go down. "Y-You called?"

"Fatale is being retrained, because right now she's no match for those termites. To make matters worse, a third one has shown up!"

The girl asked, "So what should I do about it?"

"Cut them up with your blades, freeze them to death, anything to get them out of my way and out of my hair!"

The girl said, "It shall be done."

"Very good. You may go."

The girl left.

Meanwhile, back at the rink, Ryan was attempting another double axel. Once again, he fell. Kelly said, "Why don't you try again later? Just have some fun with what you've already learned, and then we'll pick back up in about half an hour."

Ryan skated over to where Rica was still trying to teach Susan pairs skating. Rica said, "Oh, you're just in time, limey. I was just about to teach Susan how to perform a throw jump."

With that, she lifted Susan, who spun in midair twice before landing on the ice. Rica said, "Well, there's a good abs grab."

Ryan proceeded to talk with his hands.


Rica said, "Seriously, you should try it some time. It's good for your muscles."

Ryan sighed and lifted Susan. This time, she twirled in midair three times. Rica exclaimed, "Amazing! A new record, Susan!"

Susan said, "Thanks."

Rica asked, "Wanna go for four?"

Susan said, "No thanks; I'll pass."

Rica said, "Suit yourself."

Meanwhile, the girl, also known as Skate, was in Millennium City trying to find her way around the town.

She came across a map of the city and decided to take a look. "I wonder where I can find a skating rink…"

Scanning the map, she finally managed to find the location of Millennium Icearium. "Maybe my quarry could be there… ah, well. At least I'll be able to lure them if they aren't there!"

Back at Millennium Icearium, Kelly watched as Ryan attempted yet another double axel. This time, he succeeded. "Good job, Ryan!"

Ryan bowed thankfully. Kelly said, "Why don't we move on? There's some other good moves I'd like to show you."

Ryan proceeded to talk with his hands.


"Good!" Kelly said. "I knew you'd be eager to learn some figure skating."

Meanwhile, Rica was showing Susan some more pairs skating techniques when suddenly, she paused. "Did you hear that, Susan?"

"No," Susan said. "What is it?"

"The sound of something big going down."

"Such as?"

"The iceman cometh."

Only, it wasn't an iceman.

It was a mysterious figure skater who looked about their age. "Hi! You must be from Ichiban High. Am I correct?"

Rica asked, "How did you know?"

The girl, who was actually Skate, said, "Why else would your lady friend here be wearing its uniform? It should be obvious by the badge on her blazer. By the way, Beryl D. Kong's the name. Nice to meet you."

Rica said, "Wait a minute…"

Skate asked, "Were you expecting, maybe, that the iceman cometh?"

Rica said, "I don't know what you cometh at, Queen Kong, but why don't you go climb a building? Preferably wearing red and blue tights, of course. And why not try climbing the Reichstag, while you're at it?"

"Oh I say, what are you doing? Come down from there at once! Really, you're making a frightful exhibition of yourself."

Indeed, Skate went ahead and did it as onlookers watched. Upon reaching the top, she said, "Kids, do not, I repeat, do NOT try this at home!"

She returned to the rink and said, "Great going, you sneak. You just got me suspended from Wikipedia forever!"

Rica said, "You weren't supposed to take me seriously, you know."

"No, I DON'T know! You never make your jokes obvious! And I don't know why you'd call me Queen Kong!"

Susan said, "Pay no attention to her, Beryl. She's just trying to be a humourist, that's all."

"If she's trying to be funny, she obviously doesn't know the difference between Ray Romano and Jerry Seinfeld!"

Susan said, "I don't see how they're different."

"In any case, wherever they are, I'm issuing a martial figure skating challenge to Pretty Cure! And allies! So leave this form them, OK? See you later!"

With that, Skate departed. Rica took the letter of challenge, which simply had the word "CHALLENGE" printed on the envelope (as usual), and gave it to Ryan, saying, "Hey, limey! There's someone who wants to challenge you."

Ryan took the letter and opened it.

"To Pretty Cure: Find three of your friends to skate with you this Saturday night, because you will be fighting three pairs, one of which I will be in, on ice in a martial figure skating match! I'll be waiting. Signed, Skate"

Kelly took a look at the letter of challenge and said, "Well, I'll be damned. We're going to have to find partners for myself and Susan."

Rica asked, "What about Ryan?"

Kelly said, "You and he will be paired together."

Susan said, "I remember Ryan's two friends from junior high. Maybe we can skate with them?"

Kelly said, "Brilliant thinking, Susan!"

Rica said, "You hear that, Ry? We're going to be skating together this Saturday, so prepare yourself."


"Don't you worry; I'll be guiding you every step of the way."




"I sure hope those two can cooperate with us…"

Susan said, "Let's go, then!"

They stepped off the ice.


"You're kidding, right?"

Tad and Quent couldn't believe what they were hearing. "You want us, two high school boys who you have only met sporadically, to skate with you?"

Ryan said, "It's not too much to ask, really."

Tad said, "Of course, we have known you, Ryan, for a long time. It's just the girls we barely know."

Quent said, "Look, it's not that we don't like them. It's just that… we don't really know them as well as we know you."

Rica said, "Let's just say the girl we're up against seems to be such a tough bitch it takes three pairs to fight her. Now are you two in or not?"

Tad said, "Well, it's not just an issue of familiarity; we really don't know how to skate."

Rica said, "And that's why we're willing to train you."

Quent said, "All I gotta say is, the way you're dragging the two of us into your little martial figure skating match, I hope you guys know what you're doing."

Rica said, "I'm pretty sure we know what we're doing."

Tad asked, "And what do you mean she's a tough bitch?"

Rica said, "Watch your language. I could tell she was a tough bitch because she once climbed the Reichstag dressed as Spider-Man! You've got to have a shitload of muscle, grip, and gall to pull that off!"

Tad said, "All right, you've convinced us for sure."

Ryan said, "It's settled, then. Tomorrow, we depart for Millennium Icearium to begin our training."

Meanwhile, a pair of schoolgirls were intercepted by Skate. "How you doing? Do you wish to skate with me?"

One of them yelled, "We will only skate with a Goth like you when we meet someone with psychic powers within her!"

"Your proposal is… acceptable."

Suddenly, their pupils shrank, and they followed Skate as she said, "Now to find a trio of schoolboys…"

At the rink, Rica said, "The main purpose of our trip here, as well as all trips here until this coming Saturday, is to learn the art of pairs figure skating. A three on three melee is coming up on that date, involving three pairs fighting three pairs."

Quent asked, "Is that it?"

Rica said, "We're also going to need to select costumes for ourselves. Ryan and I are being paired together; we're going to wear shades of red. Susan and her partner, whoever he is, will wear shades of blue, and Kelly and her partner, whoever he is, will wear shades of green."

Tad asked, "But who's going to be partnered with Susan, and who's going to be partnered with Kelly?"

Rica said, "You decide that for yourself."

Quent said, "In that case… I'd like to skate with Susan."

Tad said, "I guess that means I'm stuck with Kelly, then."

Rica said, "All right, everyone, then get to your partners!"

Quent skated over to Susan, and Tad skated over to Kelly. Rica continued, "We're going to start with the basics, since two of the boys are entirely new to this."

Kelly asked, "What should we do first?"

Rica said, "I thought we should try some level 1 lifts."

Meanwhile, three girls were prowling the streets, looking for some schoolboys to try to get them into their skating group.

"Ryan, try to separate your legs by 45 degrees. That's how a twist lift is done."

Ryan performed a 45 degree split before Rica lifted him into the air. He proceeded to twirl once in midair. Rica asked, "How's your twist lifts coming?"

Quent said, "Susan's got the natural grace, but Kelly needs some work."

"I'm fine!" Kelly protested as Tad tried lifting her again. Rica yelled, "Try a 45 degree split before he lifts you!"

Kelly did so on the next attempt.

The girls encountered three schoolboys as they were leaving Kin'iro High.

"Now that we've got that mastered," Rica said, "what should we do next?"

Susan said, "Why don't we try some lifts?"

Rica said, "The lifts! Right!"

Rica proceeded to lift Ryan overhead and hold him up for a few seconds before putting him back down. "Can any of you two fine young men try that with the ladies?"

Surprisingly, Tad managed to lift Kelly just barely overhead. Quent had a better time lifting Susan in a similar fashion.

"Let's try that again, shall we?"

Rica, Quent, and Tad managed to lift their partners and hold them up for a few seconds.

"Do you wish to skate with us?"

The boys were startled. "Now that's too forward!"

"Yeah, you sound like you're trying to make us an offer we can't refuse!"

"Why don't you show us some cool tricks first?"

"Your proposal is… acceptable."

The pupils in the boys' eyes shrank, and they followed the girls as Skate said, "Let's go learn how to skate."

"After we're finished trying out some step sequences, we're through for the night."

Rica proceeded to enter into a straight line step sequence with Ryan. Susan said, "Ryan sure has got the hang of it."

Quent said, "Indeed, he seems to be a quick learner."

Rica said, "You see that? Try going in a straight line at first."

Quent said, "All right."

He and Susan proceeded to move toward the other end of the rink in a straight line. Tad and Kelly followed not too far behind. Susan asked, "Shouldn't there be some variation?"

Rica said, "Right! How about we improvise a little?"

She and Ryan then went back toward the other end, again in a straight line, but this time they included a few rocker turns, counter turns, twizzles, and mohawk turns in the sequence. "Come on, now, don't be shy!"

As Quent and Susan, along with Tad and Kelly, headed toward Rica and Ryan in a straight line, including choctaw turns, twizzles, bracket turns, and rocker turns, among others, in their sequences, Rica looked at her watch and said, "It's getting late. We'll pick back up from here tomorrow."

Tad said, "We'll be sure to be there, Rica."

Quent said, "It's been a pleasure."

Ryan, Susan, Rica, and Kelly watched as Tad and Quent left. Rica said, "What a night this has been. I sure hope they can skate good on Saturday."

Susan said, "I just hope so too. I know they've got some potential."

Their time to shine on the ice is another story for another week.

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