"No more fun and games, Pretty Cure!" the man in black yelled. "This-o time-o, I mean-o business!"

He had been marked for death by Thirteen for his behavior combined with his constant failures to put an end to Pretty Cure, but Thirteen promised him he would receive full clemency if he didn't come back until he had first destroyed those pests.

The man in black had all that in mind as he set the stage for Pretty Cure's final demise at Kuroidani Funeral Parlor. He put two empty caskets on the trays after pulling them out of the retorts.

He said, "Of course-o, I'll only resort to this ultra-lethal-o trap-o if both of them survive-o, but I'll dispose of them thus-o anyway if I do kill-o them. And when they go, I prefer-o they go together-o, heh heh!"

He closed both retorts for a rehearsal of the planned incineration. He went back into the furnace room and turned on both retorts at full power, just to make sure they'd work for the occasion.

Once he was sure they'd both work, he turned off the retorts and reopened them.

"This-o time-o, Pretty Cure," he snarled, "you're going down for sure."

OP: "Danzen! Futari wa Precure Dragon"

"La ultima vendetta dello drago - The Dragon's Last Revenge"

After school, Ryan, Susan, Rica, and Kelly were hanging around the shoe lockers practicing their martial arts, as usual.

Ryan was paired with Rica, and Susan was paired with Kelly. Ryan managed to jump out of Rica's line of sight. "Where is he?"



Rica found herself on the floor. She said, "I must admit, you were quite the stunner, to use the element of surprise like that. I mean, I actually thought you had gone over one of the lockers!"

Ryan said, "If I did, it'd have been too damn cheap."

Rica said, "You can say that again, limey!"

Suddenly, Ryan stopped near his locker. He opened it and found an upright letter inside. "I knew it…"

He opened the letter. Printed in a large font on one side was the word "CHALLENGE".

Ryan could only say, "Bullshit…"

Susan, Rica, and Kelly gathered around him. Kelly asked, "What is it?"

Rica said, "You idiot, that's a letter of challenge! He and Susan are being challenged this very moment by someone who has a grudge against them!"

Susan asked, "Is the man in black back?"

Ryan said, "I'm afraid so."

The letter simply said, "After school-o, I'll beat your culos all the way to kingdom come-o. Meet me at the mountainside road on the outskirts of Millennium City. I'll be waiting. Signed, Fredo Black"

Rica said, "As Eileen would say, way to stick a feather in your hat and call it macaroni, Mr. Black!"

Ryan said, "Don't even think about joining me, Rica. That goes for you too, Kelly. Susan and I must do this alone. You ready, Susan?"

Susan said, "As ready as ever to beat that bastard to a pulp."

Ryan and Susan left. Rica asked, "Will they be back?"

Newton and Bailey had shown up. Newton said, "I highly doubt it."

Bailey said, "Yeah, this time the man in black means business."

Kelly said, "I sure hope they make it out alive."

Ryan and Susan were at the mountainside. Ryan asked, "Where is he?"

Susan said, "I don't know, but I've certainly got a bad feeling about this."

Ryan said, "Indeed, it's quiet. Too quiet."

They continued down the road into a tunnel. Susan said, "It's so dark. I can't see a thing."

Ryan said, "Whatever we do see, it sure as hell might not be pretty. So I'd stay on alert if I were you."

Susan said, "Right. Constant vigilance. That's our watchword today."

Ryan said, "In any case, our skills combined should be enough to put the man in black in his place."

Susan said, "I sure hope so."

Then the front of the tunnel was barricaded by a canvassed truck, and in front stood the man in black himself, along with a few monsters he had rallied to his cause. Behind Ryan and Susan was another barricade. Similar monsters were a part of that one, with a black car nearby.

Ryan knew the situation almost immediately. "Shit! We're surrounded."

The front barricade moved closer, flanking the man in black. The back barricade moved likewise.

The man in black yelled, "Ryan Lee and Susan Chan! This is it-o! Come out or you'll die-o like the rats you are-o!"

Susan said, "Ryan, I think we can make it out!"

She and Ryan were then forced to dodge gunfire. "I hope you brought your transformer, because we're sure gonna need 'em."

Ryan said, "I couldn't agree more."

He and Susan then readied their transformers. "Dual Fighting Spirit!"

"The golden warrior, I am Cure Dragon!"

"The silver warrior, I am Cure Fortune!"

"Together we're Pretty Cure!"

"Evil warriors of ill fortune…"

"We shall send you packing!"

The man in black sneered, "Now this is going to get interesting."

Cure Dragon and Cure Fortune emerged from the tunnel and started fighting the man in black's minions in sync.

They kicked one monster and punched another. Another one was kicked once, followed by another twice.

Then the man in black took a monster's stun gun and fired it at the Cures. Cure Dragon dodged, but Cure Fortune was hit. She could only say her partner's name before losing consciousness.

As Cure Dragon ran off to get some help, one monster asked, "Where should we dispose of her?"

The man in black said, "Not somewhere where there's a conveyor belt oven; if I'm to believe the movies, it'll be too easy to succeed! Besides, there's typically only one per mortuary."

"Where should we take her, then?"

The man in black smiled evilly and said, "Kuroidani Funeral Parlor. Industrial-type retorts, and if you turn it up hot enough, you can kill someone instantly if they still have so much as a pulse. But don't burn her yet. I want her and her crossdressing partner to go up together."

Meanwhile, Cure Dragon was running away to get help. He ran into Rica, who was looking for them. "Why, Ryan, what a pleasant surprise."

"Hardly a surprise, Rica," he said, "and it'll be pleasant for neither of us."

Rica asked, "What are you talking about?"

Cure Dragon said, "It's Susan… she's been knocked out!"

Rica couldn't believe her ears. "Jesus H. Christ, this is serious! Where did you leave her?"

"I didn't knock her out, Rica."

"I know!"

"At the appointed battleground, after the man in black hit her with a stun gun."


"Follow me, Rica!"

The two ran off.

They reached the site of the scuffle. A chalk outline was present where Cure Fortune's exhausted corpus earlier lay. Rica said, "My God… she's dead!"

Cure Dragon said, "Hopefully not."

Rica said, "If she isn't dead, she must be somewhere where there's a death trap, or worse!"

"Where the hell can I find a death trap?"

Rica yelled, "I don't know, find the man in black!"

Cure Dragon said, "Thank you, Captain Obvious."

He then ran off in another direction.

A montage then played of Cure Dragon looking everywhere for Cure Fortune.

Cure Dragon was quickly exhausted by his efforts. He yelled, "WHERE ARE YOU, CURE FORTUNE!?!?!?"

He still pressed on. However, he couldn't hold on much longer. Soon, the reality of his situation came to him.

It came in the form of a monster that snuck up behind him and shot him with a stun gun.


Cure Dragon woke up.

He found himself tied to a conveyor belt. He looked around and discovered that the conveyor belt led to a retort.

The man in black approached. "You!"

The man in black laughed. "Surprised to see me, pink-o?"

Cure Dragon said, "No, not quite."

The man in black said, "I only tied you up on this conveyor belt just so you could have a fighting chance. It's not like I want this fight to be too easy for me now, right?"

Cure Dragon smirked. He said, "So you love a good challenge, huh?"

The man in black said, "Just like you. That doesn't make us much different, huh?"

Cure Dragon was offended. "What did you say?"

"Even so, I doubt it'll matter much anyway. Who knows, depending on the time, right now your friend could be in one place, or several."


The conveyor belt was activated as Cure Dragon started to break free of his bonds. As he was conveyed into the retort, the burners were fired up. He managed to break free as the flames started closing in.

He turned over and pushed himself inch by inch out of the retort. By the time he had completely removed himself from the retort, the man in black had escaped. "Shit!"

Cure Dragon charged through the city, offing every demon he could find.

He soon found a horde of them guarding Kuroidani Funeral Parlor. He still beat all of them to a pulp, going around the perimeter to make damn sure the demons were all gone.

Any demon he found, he slaughtered in an unusually brutal fashion. Blue blood splattered all over the place.

Once the demons were all gone, he entered Kuroidani Funeral Parlor.

Once inside, he looked around for Cure Fortune, or what may have been left of her.

He opened the lids on both caskets. The first was fruitless, but Cure Fortune was in the other one.

Cure Dragon couldn't believe his eyes. "Susan… you're alive!"

Cure Fortune's mouth was duct-taped. Cure Dragon removed the duct tape and pulled Cure Fortune out of the casket. Cure Fortune said, "Thanks."

Cure Dragon said, "Don't be too relieved. The man in black is coming shortly to destroy both of us, so we need to be prepared. You hide inside that retort, I'll conceal myself in the other. Once the man in black shows up, I'll use the element of surprise on him and fight him to the death. Now let's go!"

After putting the lid on it, Cure Fortune climbed behind the casket and into the retort to watch the scene. As Cure Dragon concealed himself in the other retort, she said, "I hope you know what you're doing, Ryan."

Then a car pulled up. Cure Dragon said, "That must be the man in black."

The man in black entered. He walked up to the casket where he had left Cure Fortune and opened the lid. The casket was empty. "¡Maldición!"

He saw the duct tape lying on the floor. He picked it up and threw it to the floor in disgust.

Cure Dragon got out of the retort and made a taunting motion, saying, "Hey, Black… come on."

The man in black knocked down a table with a pair of candles and pushed the now-empty casket halfway into the retort as he started toward Cure Dragon. As Dragon jumped over the other casket, the man in black knocked over another table with a pair of candles and kicked at him, putting his back against a wall.

Dragon dodged as the man in black kicked at him again and struck a brick wall between the retorts. He then dodged a punch by the man in black, sending the latter's fist through the same brick wall.

Dragon punched and slapped the man in black a few times before kicking his sombrero off. He then pushed the man in black against the casket, pushing it into the retort a bit more in the process.

Picking up a bouquet of flowers lying around, he slapped the man in black a few times with the bouquet and climbed onto the nearby casket.

As he kicked at the man in black, the casket that was almost inside the retort suddenly shot back out as Cure Fortune said, "Ugh… too much pushing… not enough space."

Cure Dragon backflipped off the casket and shielded himself with the lid on top as the man in black tried to throw a punch at him. He then broke the lid on the man in black.

The man in black then picked up an overturned table and tried to push Cure Dragon with it. However, Dragon quickly turned the tables and threw it aside. With a single swing of his fist, he then knocked the man in black into the casket.

When the man in black tried to get back up, Cure Dragon pushed him back down and pushed the casket into the retort in a rough manner. Already banged up from the fight, the casket was further deteriorated as a plank of wood fell loose as it went into the retort.

Dragon then closed the retort, smiling as the guillotine door descended, sealing his victory.

As the man in black kicked and screamed, Dragon closed the double doors in front of the retort and Cure Fortune emerged from the retort she was hiding in. She said, "Good job, Ryan, you sent him to Hell!"

Cure Dragon said, "Not quite, Susan. There's one more thing I must do first."

He then walked into the furnace room. He pushed a button and turned a knob, firing up the burners at full power.

The man in black was killed instantly.

Cure Dragon watched the incineration for a while. Before leaving the furnace room, he said, "Welcome to Hell."

He stepped out of the furnace room as Cure Fortune watched. She asked, "What did you just do?"

Cure Dragon said, "I sent him to Hell."

Cure Fortune said, "Right where he belongs."

Then Rica and Kelly showed up. Kelly said, "I thought you two were dead!"

Cure Dragon said, "No, we're very much alive. I just gave our old friend the man in black a glowing tribute. I'll miss him. Even for all he's done to make him unlikeable, that still doesn't change the fact that he was a worthy opponent."

Rica said, "Yeah… I'll admit he gave you two quite the challenge."

Kelly said, "Seriously though, we all know you were being sarcastic there."

Cure Fortune said, "So… all this mortuary action has made me hungry. Wanna go out to eat?"

Cure Dragon said, "Sure. Where?"

After Ryan and Susan detransformed, they were at the local WcDonald's with Rica and Kelly.

Ryan was enjoying a Big Wac, french fries, and a cola beverage, all supersized. Rica said, "If you eat too much, you're liable to become obese."

"Relax!" he said. "I exercise a lot anyway, so chances are slim at best."

Susan chuckled. Ryan asked, "What's so funny?"

Susan said, "It's just… the pun."

Kelly said, "I see."

Rica said, "It'd be good practice if we threw puns around every day, you know what I mean?"

Susan said, "Indeed."

Then Eileen crept up behind Ryan and suddenly covered his eyes. He emitted the Wilhelm scream as he realized what was going on. Eileen said, "Guess who?"

Rica said, "Eileen, you silly little prankster!"

Maxine walked up and said, "I see everybody's having a good time. What did you do, win a game of craps?"

Rica said, "Actually, we got a pesky man in black off our backs."

They all laughed.


Next episode: "Il misterio di Nicola Terry - The Mystery of Nicola Terry"

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