"Natalie, are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, Miss Holder's cool since you're bringing the football squad along, but what about Miss Hershey, Miss Shade, and Mr. Cullen?"

Natalie Ferguson (nee Blackstone) replied, "Come on, Hannah, we need the other three members of Pretty Cure to tag along in case Britt encounters another of those monsters!"

Britt Holder, dressed in her football uniform, said, "Yeah, Miss Whitehouse, don't be such a spoilsport!"

Her girly friend, home economics prodigy Catherine M. Hershey, said, "You forgot about the Princess of Major Land."

Natalie said, "Oh, she didn't feel like tagging along this time, since she had other things to do. She said so herself."

Ellen Shade, with a small cat named Hummardia Jasmine Caterwaul (or Hummy for short) perched on her shoulder, said, "At least we have Hummy, right?"


Ellen said, "But please behave yourself, Hummy, and don't act so hyper. Last time you called yourself 'bigger than Jesus', I had to cover for you by claiming to be a Beatles fan and that someone had left me a voicemail. I was damn lucky Mrs. Ferguson's more lenient with her class's cell phone policy than most of the other teachers at Aria."

Natalie said, "Especially so because of an incident I had with Mepple back in junior high. Anyway, Miss Holder, best of luck with your game today; you're really going to need it, especially since… DO YOU BELIEVE IT!?"

Britt noticed that Natalie was pointing at two figures in school uniforms nearby. She asked, "What's going on?"

Natalie stammered, "Am I seeing things or is that really my younger self?"

Hannah asked, "What's going on, Natalie?"

Then she saw the two figures. She fainted immediately. The two, who turned out to be Ryan Lee and Susan Chan about to visit Susan's mother at the end of another day at Ichiban High, ran over to her. Susan yelled, "Are you all right, Miss? Please wake up!"

OP: "Danzen! Futari wa Pretty Cure Dragon"

"Le veterane - The Veterans"

"Hannah, are you all right?"

Ryan was checking Hannah's pulse. Upon verifying that she still had one, he said, "Miss Whitehouse, I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine who's also my classmate. Susan Chan's her name."

Hannah was regaining consciousness. She barely managed to make out what Ryan had said. "That… girl?"

Susan was relieved to see Hannah was all right. She said, "How do you do?"

Hannah said, "I'm really sorry, Miss Chan. I've seen some… pretty weird stuff around Music City as of late, I must confess, so at this point I'll believe anything I see."

Ryan said, "Tell me about it."

Natalie detected strange energy in Ryan and Susan. She said, "How about some of our students had to deal with a group of villains, and that fighting caused me and Hannah to reawaken as Cure Black and Cure White?"

Ryan did a double take. "My God… you're Cure Black?"

Natalie said, "In the flesh."

Ryan turned to Hannah and said, "Now don't tell me! You're Cure White!"

Hannah said, "Exactly."

Natalie said, "You don't need to tell us who you and your lady friend are, Cure Dragon."

Susan did a double take. "Wait a second… how do you know who we are?"

Hannah said, "Easy there, Cure Fortune. Just our Super Senses at work, that's all."

Gerald said, "Yeah, no need to get all stressed or anything."

Ryan asked, "Are you Cures too?"

Britt said, "Who are you kidding? Of course we're all Cures! I'm Cure Melody, actually. My lady friend with the blonde hair is Catherine M. Hershey, who is also Cure Rhythm. The one with the indigo-looking hair is called Ellen Shade, a friend of the white cat we like to call Hummy. She's Cure Beat. Ellen's real name is Sirenia Shade, but she had to adopt a more human name after she got trapped in her human form."

Ellen said, "I wouldn't say trapped exactly. At least, not now."

Susan said, "Well, if Ellen is Cure Beat, then who in Pete Sampras is Cure Symphony?"

Britt said, "And the one who isn't a girl is Gerald Cullen. He's Cure Symphony. He goes by the name Geraldine when at Aria Private Academy. His mother was a prima ballerina in her younger days, and she was hoping her daughter Helen would follow the same path. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out the way she had hoped."

Gerald said, "Don't worry; my sister's still alive."

Britt said, "Evildoers beware, though; because he's wearing a skirt doesn't mean he can't kick some tail."

Gerald said, "Believe it or not, I'm actually stuck between forms nowadays. There's the side of me that was instilled into me because of my sister's former chronic illness, and then there's the side of me I can express now that she's feeling well enough not only to get a proper education but also to study ballet."

Ryan said, "Well, next time you two get a chance to perform, tell her I said, 'Merde!'"

Gerald said, "With pleasure."

Susan said, "Well, if you and your football team are looking for a place to stay, feel free to use my place. It's actually quite spacey, and it has a dance studio where Gerald can practice."

Gerald said, "Well then, count me in!"

Mrs. Chan answered the door. "Oh, hi! I see you brought some new friends along. Why don't you make yourselves at home?"

Ryan, Susan, Hannah, Catherine, and Gerald curtsied, and Natalie, Britt, and Ellen bowed before entering. Natalie said, "Mrs. Chan, I'm Natalie Ferguson, a mentor to four of the kids that showed up just now, and it would be an honor for myself and the others, including the Aria Private Academy football squad, the visiting team in tomorrow's game, to be guests here for our visit to Millennium City."

Mrs. Chan said, "And likewise, it would be an honor to have you all."

Suddenly, Rica and Kelly walked toward the group. Rica, who had changed into her casual clothes before arrival, yelled, "Hey, limey! What a surprise to see you here at this hour!"

Ryan said, "I was just coming by for a visit. By the way, it's pretty odd to see you here yourself!"

Kelly said, "Yeah, we're helping out with the organization of a formal event to be held in the great hall of this place."

Ryan asked, "When's it going to be?"

Rica said, "According to Mrs. Chan, it should be held tonight."

Susan turned to Ryan. "Surprised?"

Ryan said, "Indeed, I am."

Natalie said, "Well, Ryan, it'd be a great help for you to show Gerald to the dance studio."

Ryan said, "Certainly. Come along, Gerald."

Taking Gerald's hand, he walked downstairs to the basement.

"Mrs. Chan's daughter was right, there is a dance studio here!"

Ryan removed his ballet shoes and walked toward the closet. He said, "Have at it, Gerald. In the meantime, I'm going to find a suitable dress to wear for tonight."

As he entered the closet, Gerald set his bag down. After tying his hair into a bun, he let his dress hit the floor.

Meanwhile, inside the closet, Ryan turned the light on. Indeed, there weren't just dance outfits inside the closet--there was quite a wide variety to wear.

He picked out a red Chinese dress and also found a pair of gold tights and black Mary Janes. After dropping his skirt, he unfastened the chest bow he wore with his school uniform and removed his leotard.

Outside, Gerald, already dressed in his ballet uniform, was performing a Kitri solo to the appropriate music. He barely noticed Ryan walking out of the closet wearing the Chinese dress he had selected. Noticing the situation, Ryan picked up a nearby fan and started performing a Japanese dance.

Susan walked down wearing a blue knee-length dress. She couldn't believe what she saw. "Like a true Japanese woman. That was quite a shock."

Ryan said, "It's hard to believe, but Juanita taught me how to dance like that over the past month."

Rica and Kelly also came down to see why Susan seemed so shocked. Rica was dressed in a black tuxedo, and Kelly was wearing a green knee-length dress of a different design. Rica said, "Amazing… Miss Cruz must've been a really good teacher to you, kiddo!"

Kelly said, "I heard from her that she's studied Japanese dance, but I wasn't sure of it until I overheard what was going on."

Ryan said, "Sometimes, there are things that are easier seen than believed."

Rica said, "In any case, I wonder if there's going to be a minuet tonight. Personally, I'd like to hear the Celebrated Minuet."

Kelly said, "I wouldn't be so sure. Eileen played a one-person band version earlier today, and it sounded like hell out of the intercom."

Rica said, "Now, now, the Celebrated Minuet was intended to be nothing like that! Just a quintet of violins playing triple time."

Kelly shot a dirty look at Rica, asking, "Since when do you know so much about Classical Music 101?"

Rica said, "Hello! It's one of the classes I have!"

Kelly said, "Anyway, the event begins in one hour. Be ready."

Ryan said, "You can count on it. I was never one to miss a formal event."

Kelly said, "I sure hope not."

Rica and Kelly walked back upstairs.

Gerald said, "Darn… I didn't get into my formal dress yet."

Ryan said, "No worries; you still have an hour to go."

Gerald said, "Yeah, I guess you're right."

Reaching into his bag, Gerald pulled out a purple gown with sequins and pink accents.


As the violinists played the Celebrated Minuet, the attendees at the event were enjoying themselves and dancing along.

Natalie and Hannah were among them, as were Ryan, Susan, Britt, Catherine, Ellen, and Gerald. There were also numerous other guests present, particularly other Cures.

One such group was waiting to take the stage as the Celebrated Minuet continued down in the orchestral pit. They, too, were in their formalwear, and their set was already together, including a drum kit, a synthesiser, and a bunch of amps.

Another group was comprised entirely of foreigners who came direct from Tinseltown. Almost, that is--one of them was actually born in Tokyo, but she obviously wasn't Japanese.

There were other groups as well, but to talk about them would take up three quarters of the rest of the episode.

Anyway, the rock band group took the stage after the violinists finished playing the Celebrated Minuet and started playing an R&B hit from the '80s.

The attendees were dancing to the groovy beat. Mrs. Chan said, "Ah, yes. A personal favourite of mine when I was younger. The younger generation, my daughter included, would be more likely to recognise it as the song of the men in black."

As the group continued playing, Fatale's Yakuza group burst into the mansion. Natalie, Hannah, Britt, Catherine, Ellen, Gerald, Ryan, and Susan exited the great hall immediately.

Fatale, flanked by several mobsters carrying musical instruments, skimmed the crowd. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight's entertainment! I only have one question before we begin: where are Ryan Lee and Susan Chan?"

Going through the crowd of startled partygoers, Fatale continued, "You know where they are? You know who they are? You know where I can find them? I need to talk to them about something. Just something, a little. No…"

Approaching the blonde girl with a pixie cut wearing an eyepatch and a tuxedo, Fatale said, "You know, I'll settle for their loved ones."

The blonde girl, clearly not in the mood to deal with the Yakuza, shot back, "We're not intimidated by thugs!"

Fatale snarled, "You know, you remind me of my sister. I hated her."

A girl with green hair charged toward Fatale and yelled, "All right, you, enough!"

Fatale tossed the blonde girl aside as the latter yelled, "Hey! I'm not through with you yet, fuckface! Shit on you!"

Ignoring the blonde girl's ranting, Fatale started toward the green-haired girl. "Well, bonjour, mademoiselle! You must be Ryan's roommate. And you are beautiful!"

The girl (who is not Kelly) backed away. Fatale continued, "Oh, you look nervous. Is it the missing finger? Wanna know how I lost it? HEY! ARE YOU LISTENING!?"

With these words, Fatale grabbed the girl and held her hand up. "So I had a daughter. She was beautiful, like you. She tells me I worry too much. She tells me I need to smile more. She hangs out with the Yakuza.

"One day, she resists the advances of one of them, who proceeds to lop her pinky off. And we have no money for surgeries. She can't take it. I just want to see her smile again. I just want her to know that I don't give a shit how many fingers she has on her hand."

Taking her knife and making a cutting motion across where her finger apparently used to be, she continued, "So I take a knife to my finger and do this to myself. And you know what? She can't stand the sight of me--she reforms and goes into foster care!"

The girl kneed Fatale in the, um, southern region. Obviously not feeling it, Fatale laughed a little. "A little fight in you… I like that!"

"Then you're going to love the six of us."

Five women (two fully grown) and one boy wearing ruffled tutus showed up behind Fatale, who yelled, "Who are you?"

"Emissary of light, I am Cure Black!"

"Emissary of light, I am Cure White!"

"Together we're Pretty Cure!"

"Evil spirits of darkness…"

"Return to the abyss where you belong!"

"Our turn! Playing the tune of a wild heart, I am Cure Melody!"

"Playing the tune of a graceful heart, I am Cure Rhythm!"

"Playing the tune of a heartfelt soul, I am Cure Beat!"

"Playing the tune of a yin/yang soul, I am Cure Symphony!"

"We extend our quartet musical suite! Suite Pretty Cure!"

Fatale said, "Ah, yes, I was wondering when Pretty Cure would show up! Which ones among you are Ryan Lee and Susan Chan?"

Then two more Cures appeared on top of one of the amp stacks. A male voice yelled, "They're not Ryan Lee and Susan Chan!"

Most everyone at the function was a Cure, so the only surprise came from the two actually transforming.

"The golden warrior, I am Cure Dragon!"

"The silver warrior, I am Cure Fortune!"

"Together we're Pretty Cure!"

"Evil warriors of ill fortune…"

"We shall send you packing!"

Cure White yelled, "Unforgivable! Who do you think you are, to crash this party Mrs. Chan was throwing here?"

Cure Black said, "Time for you to face our fists of fury! Black Rollers!"

Roller blades suddenly appeared from the bottom of Cure Black's boots. She, Cure White, Cure Melody, Cure Rhtyhm, Cure Beat, Cure Symphony, Cure Dragon, and Cure Fortune started fighting Fatale full-on.

Cure Black said, "By the way, Ryan, I see you and Susan managed to model yourselves after me and Hannah!"

Cure Dragon said, "Thanks for the compliment!"

Cure Black said, "Don't mention it, pal!"

The fight continued, Cure Black's roller blades allowed her to move faster than she normally did. Fatale was quickly exhausted.

Cure Fortune said, "You do the honors, Mrs. Ferguson and Miss Whitehouse."

Cure Black and Cure White turned to face Fatale. "Just so we don't make it too easy for the both of us, we're going to send you packing with an old favorite of ours! Black Thunder!"

"White Thunder! We step out to the darkness, and we summon the light!"

"We join together to set things right!"

"Pretty Cure Marble Twister!"

That was enough to force Fatale back to her own realm.

The next day, Ryan, Susan, Rica, Kelly, Hannah, Catherine, Ellen, and Gerald were at the Aizawa Junior High football stadium watching Natalie coach the Aria squad and Britt give it her all.

In the end, it was a close game. It was up to Britt now, to score the game-winning goal for Aria.

Ryan, Susan, and the others were watching closely as the intense make-it-or-break-it point for Aria manifested itself.

Putting her focus on winning one for her team, Britt gave the ball a very hard kick. At the very last second, the ball went right past the goalie and into the net.


Rica was clearly excited with the outcome, and so was Ellen ("Yahoo! We won!"). As they watched the Aria squad hi-five each other, they couldn't help but give Britt a thumbs up.

Hannah said, "By the way, Ryan, I kind of recognize your accent. I should know what it sounds like, having studied abroad in England during my high school years."

Ryan said, "I'll bet Natalie was busy as a Cure during that time."

"She was. Specifically, she was the Cure Silver to her future husband Shawn's Cure Gold. She wrote to me a lot about their adventures together."

Suddenly, Natalie yelled for the others. "Hey, you guys! Come on down!"

Ryan, Susan, and the others ran down to the football field. Ryan said, "Congratulations on your victory today, Mrs. Ferguson."

Natalie said, "Just the Aria Private Academy football squad at its best. Now come onto the field and take a picture with us, everyone; I'd like a good memento of my time here in Millennium City!"

They stepped in front of a camera. Natalie said, "Say cheese!"

The photo was taken.


Next episode: "Ginnastica ritmica - Rhythmic Gymnastics"

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