The anniversary was one day away.

Preparations were being made to open the new dance studio just nine blocks away from Ichiban.

And a dress rehearsal was taking place for Mrs. Chan's dance class's recital of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker.

Wing Lynn was set to dance as Maria for this recital. She was determined to give it her all, and not let her leg get injured yet again before the recital was finished.

Kaitlyn Oh, meanwhile, was set to dance as the queen of the snowflakes.

The montage of what went on at the dress rehearsal is set to a portion of "Waltz of the Snowflakes".

OP: "Danzen! Futari wa Pretty Cure Dragon ~hybrid version~"

"Lo schiaccianoci - The Nutcracker"

"Can you believe it?"

Ryan said, "I don't know what you're about to soapbox about, Rica."

Rica yelled, "One of our classmates tried to write a paper on the John Scopes Monkey Trial as her term paper, but Miss Sampson made her redo it on the grounds that the Monkey Trial is owned by Ernstberg through its book-publishing subsidiary!"

Ryan said, "Well, that is quite ridiculous even by her standards."

Rica said, "And that just makes Tim Whatshisname sound a whole lot worse."

Ryan said, "Don't talk about that ripoff. Just… don't."

Susan said, "My sentiments exactly."

Kelly said, "Indeed, there are some freaks of nature that need no discussion."

Rica said, "Anyway, Kaitlyn's been practicing hard for tonight's recital. I believe it takes place at 9PM tonight? Assuming I remember what's mentioned on my ticket correctly, of course."

Looking at her ticket stub, Susan said, "Yeah, you would be right."

Ryan said, "Susan and I are going to stop by her mother's place after classes are over for the day."

Rica said, "Thanks for pointing that out to me, limey. I would never have known what you and Susan would be up to for the remainder of the day otherwise."

Ryan asked, "What'll you be doing?"

Rica said, "Kelly and I will get dressed for tonight; we both want to look like we had just come back from a formal dinner before we leave our dormitory to go to the ballet."

Ryan said, "I know what you'll be wearing."

Rica said, "I know you know what I'll be wearing."

Ryan said, "I know you know I know what you'll be wearing."

Kelly said, "If you two are quite finished… this has devolved into watching sparrows while eagles pass overhead. Let's try to sound professional before we go to the ballet."

Susan said, "Thank you, Kelly."

Rica said, "Continuing on our previous discussion… our classmate was lucky she was quicker than most of us, myself included. When I told Eileen about the circumstances, she just said that if I buy that load of malarkey, she's got some Siberian beachfront property on sale."

Kelly said, "She doesn't really. That's just another way of saying that whatever you just said is BS."

Rica said, "I know that! I'm just surprised she'd think I wasn't telling the truth. You know, the same girl who had lied several times about being related to a Pretty Cure."

Kelly said, "In a way, she is related. She's of the same species as Newton and Bailey, remember?"

"Of freaking course I remember!"

Ryan said, "Now, about our plans after classes are over for the day…"

Meanwhile, Eileen was sniffing around clues as to what Thirteen had up his sleeve for that day.

"I know he's got something big planned soon, but I don't know what it is or when it will happen! If only I could catch a scent, let alone a sound…"

She knew where the portal was to Thirteen's hideout, since she had trailed a couple of enemies before as they had gone in and out. She kept right on going towards it.

Suddenly, a noise was heard, and in a panic, Eileen shapeshifted into a raccoon statue. Turns out, the noise belonged to a press inside an old factory nearby.

Returning to her humanoid form, Eileen muttered, "Stupid false alarm… why don't they close the windows during operating hours?"

She proceeded on her way.

"I wish to report," Mrs. Chan said, "that the dress rehearsal is a sign of good luck for tonight's performance."

Principal Mazda said, "Very good. I'm glad to hear it."

Mrs. Chan said, "I knew you would be. The dancers always learn from what mistakes are made during rehearsals. I know it brings good luck; I've seen it happen a few times before."

Principal Mazda said, "Well, I hope you weren't causing any of the accidents, Mrs. Chan."

"Heavens, no! I would never do such a thing to my own dancers. If they're going to mess up or get into any accidents one way or another, it's best to leave them to mess up or get into those accidents themselves; otherwise, how are they ever going to learn from such goof-ups?"

"I see your point. No pun intended."

"Even the best of us screw up sometimes. The point is, nobody's perfect."

"If anything, experience is one of the most beneficial parts of learning anything."

"I agree."

"Oh! Mrs. Chan… I knew your sister back when I was your daughter's age. Where is she now?"

"She's coaching the little league football squad. She's always loved football."

"Yeah, she was the captain of the school's team when she was younger. Mina and I used to go to her games a lot."

"I remember getting my first PC from Mina. That was back when she was getting started selling computers."

"Remember those commercials where she showcased some new products that came into her store and demonstrated their increasing power by analogizing it with a brief onscreen karate match?"

"Yeah! I remember them! The one I got back in the mid-'90s, she claimed it was so powerful it'd send you right out of the store when you picked it up!"

"It helps that her business partner has one of the more creative minds in Millennium City."

"Well, I've got a recital to oversee later tonight, so I'll leave you to your own business. Have a nice day!"

"The same to you, Mrs. Chan!"

Mrs. Chan left the office.

Mina heard the phone ring. It was Principal Mazda.

"Hi, Mina. How's business?"

"It helps that this is the holiday season; people are buying a lot of computers as of late."

"Glad to hear! By the way, I was thinking about going to the ballet tonight. You want to come along?"

"The store closes at 7PM, and I've already got a ticket."

"Good for you, Mina!"

"What'll you wear?"

"I want to look really nice tonight. I was thinking maybe I should wear the blue gown with that cardigan."

"Good choice."

"See you later, Mina!"

"The same to you, Emmy!"

Mina hung up. "A date with an old friend?"

"Yes, Mr. Yagyu, an old friend from when I was younger. She was wanting to go to the ballet tonight; I already got a ticket."

Jubei said, "Ain't that a coincidence? I have a ticket myself!"

"Wow… I didn't see that one coming."

"So basically, it'll be salespeople's night out tonight, right?"

"Looks that way."

After classes were over for the day, Ryan and Susan left a note on the door of their dormitory before going to the Chan residence together.

After they rang the doorbell, Mrs. Chan answered. "Nice to see you two again. Do come in."

They curtsied and entered the house.

Meanwhile, Eileen was listening in on the evil plan.

"Before I implement total annihilation of the martial arts, Oda, I want to make sure nobody can interfere!"

"When do we start?"

"December 21, when the sun is at its peak."

Eileen was shocked. "Bruce's belt… I've got to report this to Principal Mazda!"

She then scampered off, trying not to be noticed by the bad guys.


The recital was about to begin. A line was formed at a makeshift box office outside the dance studio.

Principal Mazda was in the line. She said to herself, "I hope my students will be all right… I'd hate for anything to happen to them."

It was soon her turn to purchase a ticket. The price was $10.

Inside the dance studio, numerous patrons of the arts were seated on benches arranged stadium-style. A multi-disc CD player, operated by a remote control, sat in another part of the studio, just close to the entrance.

Mrs. Chan showed up wearing a blue floor-length formal gown and accompanied by Ryan and Susan. The two wore identical dresses, each consisting of a satin princess-style bodice with a ruffled neckline and short puffed frilly sleeves, and a white stiff tutu skirt with matching bloomers and a single layer of satin with decorations all over and roses all around the hemline; the only difference was that Ryan's was colored pink, whereas Susan's was colored blue. They also each wore a silver tiara with a matching gemstone, a chest bow the color of the respective gown, white elbow-length gloves, white tights, and ballet slippers the color of the respective gown.

Mrs. Chan had shown her class into the studio through a door behind the curtains before her entrance. She, Ryan, and Susan curtsied before taking their seats at the front.

As he took his seat, Ryan felt a tap on his shoulder. Sure enough, Rica was sitting right next to him, wearing a tuxedo. Kelly was also present, wearing a green camisole dress with a split skirt, matching bike shorts, and high heels.

The lights dimmed. Aiming the remote control at the CD player, Mrs. Chan pressed PLAY. A drawn-out process took place where the radio waves interacted with the player to get the CD spinning and the laser striking the CD from underneath and reading the information burned in, gradually moving outwards as playback continued.

A brief montage of the dancing was shown as selections from the music played as appropriate.

The first act came and went, with Wing giving a spectacular performance in the role of Maria Stahlbaum and Kaitlyn leading the snowflake dancers through a graceful climax to the act as Wing and another classmate of hers (who danced in the role of the Nutcracker Prince) departed for the Land of Sweets, where the second act would take place.

Wing was just as graceful in the second act as in the first, and the performance was completed without incident of any sort.

The incident came following the curtain call. Oda showed up and jumped those present. "Where is Pretty Cure!? Both the past ones and the present ones, if you please!"

Mrs. Chan said, "Now, girls, it's going to be all right. They're all right here, now ca n you let those leave who are not involved?"

"All right," Oda snarled, "those that don't wish to be involved in this standoff, out you go!"

Many of those present, including most of the dance students, exited the building. Only Ryan, Susan, Rica, Kelly, Mina, Principal Mazda, Jubei, Mrs. Chan, Kaitlyn, and Wing stayed behind.

Wing said, "All right, Pretty Cure, why don't you fight this menace and drive him out of the studio before anything happens?"

Transformer in hand, Ryan said, "We were just about to do that."

Susan and Kelly also prepped their transformers. "Dual fighting spirit!"

"Bodyguard, come forth!"

"The golden warrior, I am Cure Dragon!"

"The silver warrior, I am Cure Fortune!"

"Together we're Pretty Cure!"

"Evil warriors of ill fortune…"

"We shall send you packing!"

"Protecting my friends, I am Cure Fang! Let those who worship evil's might beware my power! The bodyguard's light!"

Mina said, "I guess we'll leave it to the younger ones this time."

Principal Mazda said, "Indeed; they were able to defend Kaitlyn and Wing before, so they should be able to do it again."

The fight was intense. Kaitlyn and Wing tried to stay outside the radius of the carnage. After about a minute, Cure Fang said, "Since you didn't get the message last time, Oda, I'll have to give it to you again. Ezekiel 25:17.

"The path of the righteous man and defender is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper, and the father of lost children.

"And I will execute great vengeance upon thee with furious anger, you who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers and sisters; and you will know that I am Chiba the Bodyguard when I lay my vengeance upon thee!


The light was bright enough to blind Oda yet again; Kaitlyn and Wing were judicious enough to shield their own eyes as it happened. Cure Fang said, "Ryan! Susan! Show him who's boss!"


"SILVER THUNDER! We who are different as day and night…"

"Do join together and combine our might!"


Oda was thrown out the exit by the force of the attack. Cure Dragon said, "I hope I don't have to deal with him again…"

Just then, Eileen came in, exhausted. "I never expected you to be here, Principal Mazda."

Principal Mazda said, "I was just enjoying the arts, of course. Is this about Nobunaga Oda?"

"Yes… this wasn't the big thing he had planned for us!"

"You mean…"

"Yes. The day predicted to be the end of the world. December 21, 2012. Pretty Cure, be ready, because if Oda succeeds, that plan of his could bring more than just the demise of the martial arts.

"The world itself could be at stake."

ED: "Anataboshi (When I Come to Your Star with My Love)"

Next episode: "L'Apocalisse di Nobunaga Oda - Nobunaga Oda's Apocalypse"

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