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Ashley CavanaughBamboo Leaf Rhapsody! The Tanabata IncidentBaseball Tango! It Takes Way More Than Two
Bullet the Mute WitnessCalciamo in ghiaccio! - Let's Kick Some Ice!Centro commerciale - Shopping Center
Ciba, la guardia del corpo - Chiba the BodyguardCitizen KinoClosed Space! Very Dreary, and Very Much an Emergency
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Dark Legends of Pretty CureDiscendente del samurai - Descendant of the SamuraiE in questo angolo, Cure Fang! - And in This Corner, Cure Fang!
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Festa di scuola - School FestivalFutari wa Pretty Cure DimensionsFutari wa Pretty Cure Dragon
Futari wa Pretty Cure Times TwoGinnastica ritmica - Rhythmic GymnasticsGoemon contra Tredici - Goemon vs. Thirteen
Goodbye, Mr. RiversGothicaI ladri - The Thieves
Il Segno Misterioso! SOS in a PanicIl club dei arti marziali - The Martial Arts ClubIl fisico - The Physical
Il furto con scasso - The BurglaryIl misterio di Nicola Terry - The Mystery of Nicola TerryIl mostro - The Monster
Il museo dell'arte - The Art MuseumIl ritorno delle veterane - The Return of the VeteransIl ritorno di Nobunaga Oda - The Return of Nobunaga Oda
Il spettacolo di talenti - The Talent ShowIl tocco Veleno - The Touch of DeathIl uomo in nero - The Man in Black
Il videogramma raro - The Rare VideogramIn sinc con l'uno l'altro - In Sync with Each OtherInspirations
It's A Live!Jubei Yagyu contra Tredici - Jubei Yagyu vs. ThirteenKen Ichida
Kotaro Fuma contrattacca - Kotaro Fuma Strikes BackL'apocalisse di Nobunaga Oda - Nobunaga Oda's ApocalypseL'estraneo - The Stranger
La gara - The TournamentLa pattinatrice - The SkaterLa spada di Muramasa - The Sword of Muramasa
La speranza attraverso il tempo - Hope Across TimeLa ultima vendetta dello drago - The Dragon's Last RevengeLa vendetta - The Vendetta
La vendetta di Nobunaga Oda - Nobunaga Oda's RevengeLe due ballerine - The Two BallerinasLe veterane - The Veterans
Le veterane contra Tredici - The Veterans vs. ThirteenList of Ashley Cavanaugh's outfitsLo schiaccianoci - The Nutcracker
Meet the TakahashisMegumi YamadaMore to Haruhi Than Meets the Eye
Nicola Terry contra Tredici - Nicola Terry vs. ThirteenNo Way! What Happens If You Get Bitten?No altering episodes without permission
Nostra direttora - Our PrincipalOVA: In the BeginningPer un pugno di pugni - A Fistful of Fists
Pretty Cure: Agents of RomeroPretty Cure Gymnastics ActionPretty Cure Heavy Metal
Pretty Cure Mirai Spark!Pretty Cure Mirai Spark!/French translationPretty Cure Mirai Spark!/Original English script
Pretty Cure Mirai Spark!/Spanish translationPretty Cure MultiversePretty Cure contro il teppista - Pretty Cure vs. the Street Fighter
Publicity! Haruhi's Constant PlanningQuando vado a tua stella con amore - When I Come to Your Star with My LoveRepo Woman
Ritorno misterioso - Mysterious ReturnRockin' and Rollin' All ClasstimeRules
Ryan's Pretty Cure Fanseries Emporium WikiSOS Pretty CureScouting Session! Patrol the Town
Scuola per principesse - Princess SchoolSei contro sei - Six vs. SixSeries Index
Shifting Sand BeachTaglinesThe Boy Who Just Wanted to be Normal! Cure Chiave is Born
The Boy Who Transferred In! Cure Psichico is BornThe End of the World as We Know It?The Girl Who Looked Criminally Cute! Cure Tempo is Born
The Girl Who Played With Reality! Cure Dio is BornThe Girl Who Read Bradbury! Cure Extraterrestre Is BornThe Longest Yard
The Melancholy of Sakura CobainThe New Band on the BlockThe Producer's Daughter
The True Tragic Story of Misuzu and ToshimiThe Wild Devil, RamirezThe Wild One
The unethical art of art theftTredici contrattacca - Thirteen Strikes BackTrivia
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