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Pretty Cure Multiverse is an attempt to categorize the numerous Curefics into various universes, known as "dimensions". My own Curefics are just a small piece of this puzzle, and we're on the search for more Curefics that fit into these Dimensions.

Designation Inhabitants Notes First Appearance Associated Authors
New Dimension Main Curefic continuity, including canon Cure seasons
  • The core of the existing Pretty Cure universe
Futari wa Pretty Cure by Izumi Todo
Izumi Todo
The Curefic Community
Dimension One Modernized post-2020 versions of Curefics created by Cure_Shabon, Ryanasaurus0077, and several other authors (including the good, the bad, and the ugly among us)
Pretty Cure: 21st Century Metal #1 by Ryanasaurus0077
Cure Shabon
Dimension Two Members of the Society of OriCures and SchlockCures, as well as younger versions of the Legacy Mirai Cures and Legacy Cures featured in other Curefics
  • The OriCures, by Cure Shabon, and the SchlockCures, by Ryanasaurus0077, form a merged group called SOCSC
  • This dimension's Mikoto Hanazawa has gone missing, and Sera Himekawa is looking for her
Dimension Two #1 by Ryanasaurus0077
Cure Shabon
Dimension Three Evil versions of Cures and heroic versions of Curefic villains
  • A world of twisted moralities
  • This Dimension contains evil counterparts of the characters from Dimension Two
  • Several villains from New Dimension and Dimension Two never appear
Pretty Cure Engine Crank #29 by Ryanasaurus0077
Dimension Four
Original prototype Mirai Cure lineup
  • A condensed universe with different laws of physics
  • Film noir-like in atmosphere
The Original Tomorrow by ???
Dimension Five
Alternate versions of the canon Cure seasons by Cure_Shabon, as well as her Cure OCs
  • Alternate versions of the OriCures appear in this universe
OriCure Stories #1 by Cure Shabon
Cure Shabon
Dimension Six
Alternate versions of Alex Hollis, Daisuke Mikami, and Yuu Iwasawa
Spotlight of the Living Dead #1 by Ryanasaurus0077
Dimension Seven
Alternate older versions of Ruby Voorhees (called Ruby Von Heder), Taiko Sorano, and Ayeka Hayashi
10 Years Later by Ryanasaurus0077
Dimension Eight
Pastiches of the "Pretty Cure 5" and "Smile" teams
  • A pastiche of the Pretty Cure 5 and Smile Cure teams
  • This Dimension of Earth is called Tri-Planet to its inhabitants
Yes! Pretty Cure 5x2 #1 by ???
Dimension Nine Characters featured in Curefic Movie
  • A Seltzer and Friedberg-style parody of the very idea of Curefics in general
Curefic Movie by the Curefic Community
The Curefic Community
Dimension Ten
PrettyCureStory's Curefics
  • The Shining Cures are killed in this Dimension, with Shinju Miwa as the sole survivor
Pretty Cure Musume #1 by PrettyCureStory
Dimension Eleven
Gender-swapped versions of Curefic characters
Genderbending Pretty Cure #1 by the Curefic Community
The Curefic Community
Dimension Twelve
Pretty Cure: The Silver Knight Chronicles, Pretty Cure Club Activities, and Skater Pretty Cure 5
  • All Curefics in this Dimension are live-action
Pretty Cure: The Silver Knight Chronicles #1 by Steelspirit
Dimension Thirteen
Some PrecureLike Curefics
Flower Harmony Pretty Cure #1 by RedLeafLily666
Cure Shabon
Dimension Fifteen
Successors to several existing Cure teams
  • A place where Cures have evolved into near-perfect beings, with Raflesina and Aseimera being humanitarians, the Dimensional Evolution Cures being semi-retired, Eiender long deceased, and the Heavy Metal and Hollywood Cures being succeeded by their proteges
Pretty Cure Utopia #1 by ???
Dimension Sixteen
Children of the Perfume Preppy, Heavy Metal, Hollywood Stars, Strange Happenings, Transient School, and Chanbara Cures
Daughters of Perfume Preppy #1 by Cure Shabon
Cure Shabon
Dimension Seventeen
Characters featured in Future Wars and Future Wars 2 Future Wars #1 by Ryanasaurus0077
Dimension Eighteen Imaginary worlds featured within individual Curefics (including the one featured in the Perfume Preppy high seas episode)
Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy #20 by Cure Shabon
Cure Shabon
Dimension Nineteen
Pretty Cure All Stars
  • The Cures in this Dimension never age
Pretty Cure All Stars by Izumi Todo
Izumi Todo
The Curefic Community
Dimension Twenty
Characters featured in the blooper fic Loser Wears a Dress! Haruki's Worries
  • An amalgamation of elements from New Dimension and Dimension Thirty-Seven
Loser Wears a Dress! Haruki's Worries by Ryanasaurus0077
Dimension Twenty-One Characters featured in Pretty Cure: The New Frontier Pretty Cure: The New Frontier #1 by ???
Dimension Twenty-Two Characters featured in story re-telling fics written by various authors
Pretty Cure Fandom Fairy Tale Stories #1 by Heartcatch
Cure Shabon
Dimension Twenty-Three Characters featured in Pretty Cure Ikioi Agents and Hollywood Cures!
  • Zombies don't exist at all, but the sword-and-sorcery film genre has roots in reality
Pretty Cure Ikioi Agents by Midoriri
Dimension Twenty-Six Characters featured in the crossover series Mascot Pretty Cure Mascot Pretty Cure by ???
Dimension Thirty
Pretty Cure - Balls to the Wall! Pretty Cure - Balls to the Wall! by CureSnark
Dimension Thirty-One Grimdark versions of Curefic characters (even considering the darkest existing incarnations of said Curefics)
  • Numerous Cures that are forces for good in New Dimension (e.g. Izumi Hamasaki, Yasu Fukuda, Haruki Fukuda, Sakura Cobain, Daisuke Mikami, and Yuu Iwasawa) start out in this Dimension either as villains or with ambiguous morals, though they all get better about it
  • This Dimension is firmly grounded in reality, so all characters are normal humans
Mirai Dark: The Return of the Royals by ???
Other Curefic authors
Dimension Thirty-Two
Characters featured in the blooper fic Mirai no Nirvana!
  • Sakura Cobain becomes this Dimension's Cure Tora instead of Yasu Fukuda
Mirai no Nirvana! by Ryanasaurus0077
Dimension Thirty-Three
Non-science fiction versions of Pretty Cure Android Wars, Cyber Pretty Cure, and Pretty Cure Transient CROSS Newton
  • A near-purely fantasy version of the Pretty Cure universe
Google and the Seven #1 by ???
Dimension Thirty-Four
Characters featured in the second Pretty Cure Heavy Metal movie, Godwin's Law of Time Travel
  • A world in which Germany is still being controlled by the Third Reich
  • Destroyed when the Heavy Metal Cures set things right
Pretty Cure Heavy Metal 3D 2: Godwin's Law of Time Travel by Ryanasaurus0077
Dimension Thirty-Seven
Characters featured in several screenplays
  • This Dimension heralds either complete reimaginings of characters, a return to the original plans, or a mixture (sometimes uneven) of both
  • The Cures in this Dimension are briefly alluded to in some Dimension Twelve stories
Pretty Cure Mirai Spark! Part 1 ghostwritten for S. Kloves, L. Kasdan, and D. Sacchetti
Cure Shabon
Other Curefic authors
Dimension Thirty-Eight
Knights of Tomorrow #1 by ???
Dimension Thirty-Nine
Tomorrow of My Youth #1 by ???
Dimension Fourty Characters featured in the crossover series Secret Agent Cures
  • A world in which the Cures are depicted as covert government operatives in a manner similar to Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids quadrilogy and the Super Sentai series Tokumei Sentai Gobusters
  • This universe's Cure Horror is known as "Cure Thriller"
Secret Agent Cures #1 by Ryanasaurus0077
Dimension Fourty-Three
Characters featured in the crossover fic Pretty Cure vs. Count Dracula
  • A world in which the Cures have to deal with Count Vlad Dracula after several of their Cures are bitten
Pretty Cure vs. Count Dracula by ???
Dimension Fourty-Four
Characters featured in RoboCures
  • The RoboCures are completely cyborg versions of Cures from various Curefics
RoboCures #1 by ???

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