A man in a business suit put down a briefcase before a tough guy who was dressed in black and didn't seem to have aged a bit since the '70s.

The man said, "There's a lot of money in it for you. These two individuals have caused trouble for my boss and his associates since the start of the new school year. Don't be fooled by their ages; they can pack one hell of a wallop if given half a chance.

"This one is called Ryan Lee; he's a red-headed kid who attends a girls' school called Ichiban High School. The other one is called Susan Chan; she's got the black hair and attends the same school."

The tough guy said, "I kind of knew there was something fishy about the boy; why would he be going to a girls' school?"

The man said, "That's for me to know and you to find out. In any case, the two have been trying to shut down my boss's project by slowly eliminating his associates and bodyguards. They are being assisted in their offensive by a tomboy named Rica Watson and a girl who calls herself Chiba the Bodyguard, after a 1976 motion picture."

The tough guy said, "Triple the money. Triple it, Kurobara, or I won't do it!"

Kurobara said, "As you wish."

As the tough guy left, he said, "You can count on me, then. I make the impossible possible. See you when I put those two in a grave."

The tough guy rode his motorcycle to Ichiban High School and rode up the gate, then did a mid-air flip and rode down the other side before the eyes of stunned students and security guards.

As he got off his bike, he said, "That was the action of a professionally trained martial artist. Kids, don't try this at home."

"Pretty Cure contro il teppista - Pretty Cure vs. the Street Fighter"

The tough guy walked into the school. Studying the photographs as he walked down the hallway, he lowered them and saw both Ryan and Susan in front of him. Ryan proceeded to talk with his hands.


The tough guy said, "I'm Terry Tsurugi, and I make the impossible possible. Say your prayers!"

The two parties started fighting.

OP: "Satsujin ken"

starring the voices of
as Cure Dragon

as Cure Fortune

as Kelly

as Rica

as Terry Sugury

guest voice talent

based on characters and concepts created by


art director

character design

music composed and adapted by

produced by

directed by

After Terry punched Ryan and swept his leg, he said, "You'd better give up. I'm a master, and you're going to lose this game!"

Susan said, "We're going to need backup."

Then Rica and Kelly showed up. Rica yelled, "If you're going to kill my friends, Tsurugi, you're going to have to get past us first!"

Terry said, "It would be a pleasure."

Rica and Kelly started toward Terry, but he kept attacking them. Ryan got up and managed to sweep Terry's leg. He fell on his face. Ryan asked himself, "Did I just channel Eileen Fields?"

Terry said, "If we carry this on, we risk causing collateral damage to the school. I'll see you another time. You'd better be prepared, because it may be the last."

Rica and Kelly opened a window. Terry said, "Thank you." He then jumped out. The quartet took a look out the window. As he saw Terry run off, Ryan said, "One thing's for sure: he lands like a cat."

Rica said, "Come on, limey, let's get to our next class before we find ourselves carrying buckets of water outside our classroom!"

Once seated, Rica said, "Just in the nick of time. Honestly, what was that Tsurugi character thinking, anyhow?"

Ryan answered with his hands.


Rica said, "If anything, he seems to be a much bigger nuisance than Eileen Fields. I mean, he's six foot six of half-breed fury, what else?"


"I did not!" Rica protested. "All I did was quote the trailer."


As Terry left, he saw a bunch of assassins climb over the school gate. One of the security guards yelled, "Halt! Who are you?"

The leader of the assassins said, "It doesn't matter who we are. Nobody cared who I was until I got my tattoo."

Terry ran over to where the assassins were standing and subdued the leader. After pulling his sleeve down, he spotted the familiar Yakuza tattoo.

Terry asked, "What if I removed that obscene tattoo by force?"

The leader said, "It would be extremely painful."

Terry said, "Yeah, you're a tough mother."

"For you."

Terry broke the guy's arm and threw him outside the school gate. He was swarmed by the other assassins, but he dispatched them easily, throwing them over the gate when he was done with them.

All of them, that is, except for one man who he socked in the face. Before throwing him over the gate, he said, "Give my regards to Boss Kurobara!"

The security guard asked, "Who were they?"

Terry said, "Just a bunch of punks who were going after a few of the students. It's all right, I've got this taken care of."

As Terry got back on his motorcycle, the security guard asked, "Where the hell do you think you're going?"

Terry said, "Just to get a disguise. You know, to fool those punks should that bastard send any more of them after me or those kids."

Terry then rode his motorcycle over the gate, leaving the same way he had come in.


Boss Kurobara was not a happy camper, to say the least. "How could you come back without killing those pests?"

The assassin said, "I… I… I was accosted, along with my men, by another man at the school gates. Terry Tsurugi… he betrayed you. I'm so sorry… I never expected Tsurugi to attack us…"

Kurobara pulled out a gun and shot the assassin. "Apology accepted."

Turning to a ninja who had walked in, Kurobara said, "Tsurugi… he betrayed us. I want you to do what he failed to do."

The ninja asked, "What do you want?"

"Kill Ryan Lee and Susan Chan."

In the hallway at night, Terry was somewhat uneasy. He knew that since he had betrayed another employer over said employer's Yakuza affiliation, someone else would do the job he was assigned to do. He said, "I hope I'm not too late…"

Meanwhile, Ryan and Susan were sound asleep. Rica and Kelly were both keeping a watchful eye open, though.

Suddenly, the ninja broke in and attacked Ryan. Susan got up immediately. She yelled, "Trying to kill a student in her sleep… THIS IS UNFORGIVABLE!"

Ryan dropkicked the ninja from behind, having survived the assault, and punched him in the head. He was soon subdued, though, along with Susan.

Susan gasped, "Help… police… murder…"

Then Terry attacked the ninja and threw him out of the dormitory. He then asked, "Which of you are Ryan Lee and Susan Chan?"

Ryan and Susan raised their hands. Terry said, "Come with me if you want to live!"

They clearly had no choice.

They were in the school basement within minutes. Terry removed his mask. Ryan couldn't believe his eyes. "You!"


"More than surprised--utterly astounded that we'd be dragged down here by the same guy who tried to kill us earlier today!"

Terry said, "Until I found out that the one who wanted me to kill the 'teenage saboteurs' who were trying to sabotage his company and his boss and said boss's company was part of the Yakuza."

"Why am I not surprised? Just as we expected from Terry Tsurugi--to be double-crossed by his own employers who hire him to do their dirty work."

"This time, I actually wasn't surprised--it's happened to me quite a bit for four decades now."

Susan asked, "Just how old are you?"

"83, why?"

"To us, you still look 43. Where did you come from, a comic book?"

"I'm still the man I was four decades ago--always looking for some money, fighting the Yakuza without any benefit to myself, and making the impossible possible."

Ryan said, "Cut the crap, Terry. Why are you really here?"

Terry said, "I'm here to protect you from their wrath. Meet me here after school lets out for the day until we take down the man responsible for putting that contract out on you."

Ryan said, "About what that guy said about us being saboteurs… well, he was right. We're trying to sabotage an evil organization hellbent on destroying the martial arts."

Terry said, "Is that so? Then my beef with that guy has just become even more personal. The same goes for his boss. See you tomorrow."

Ryan and Susan left the basement.


After school the next day, Ryan and Susan entered the basement. Terry entered through a different passageway.

Ryan said, "Nice to see you, Terry. So what do you know about this guy?"

Terry said, "Not much. To me, he's basically an ordinary human in a business suit who runs a Yakuza sector here in Millennium City."

Susan said, "I've got a pair of spies assisting myself and Ryan who are on the case right now, detecting his true species. If he really is human, he's very dangerous."

Terry said, "Good luck. By the way, Ryan, why do you go to a girls' school?"

Ryan said, "Oh, I never got to explain. Thanks for reminding me. Anyway, in a nutshell, it's because I got caught up in the excitement of taking entrance exams. I must've been really desperate, and so were my folks, because they didn't check what type of school I had passed an entrance exam to until after I learned that I had passed."

"Hmm… so you're going to a girls' school because you forgot to read the fine print? Strange things can happen when you fail to read the fine print. If you're lucky, you'll find yourself in a weird situation like being catapulted all the way to the days of the Tokugawa shogunate."

"Stop teasing me!"

Then Rica and Kelly showed up, Rica having already changed into her casual clothes. Ryan said, "Oh, these are two of my other friends, Rica Watson and Kelly Chiba. They're also my other roommates."

Rica said, "Nihao."

Terry said, "You've made such fine friends, Ryan. If anything, your bond's been forged in fire so as to keep it as sturdy as Hattori Hanzo's steel."

Ryan said, "We'll let you know if we find anything strange about this guy--apart from having four digits, that is."

The quartet left the basement.

Meanwhile, Newton and Bailey were inside Boss Kurobara's hideout, trying to get a complete analysis of him.

Bailey said, "Hurry up, you! He might see us!"

Newton said, "Quiet! This analysis is like a fine wine."


"That it can't be rushed."

After Newton finished the analysis, he said, "Feh. I'm disappointed."


"Because he's indeed an ordinary human, as Ryan and Susan assumed."

"Bloody hell!"

"I know. Doesn't make him any less dangerous, though."

As Newton and Bailey left, they accidentally knocked over a suit of armor guarding the door. Kurobara yelled, "Find out who was just spying on me!"

His men ran to the door. They only saw the toppled statue. As the others picked it back up, one of them said, "Must've been those two little pukes from Ichiban High."

Kurobara yelled, "Well, what are you waiting for? After them!"

The guy yelled, "Hurry up with the statue! We don't want to lose the saboteurs who knocked it over!"

Newton and Bailey returned to Ichiban High and entered the dormitory. Susan said, "Thank goodness you didn't get hurt! What did you find out?"

Newton said, "That he owns a front company called Kurobara Enterprise, that he has connections with the men who murdered Terry Tsurugi's father in cold blood during the Second Manchurian War, and that he's an ordinary human aligned with Thirteen."

Ryan said, "Man, he's going to be a cinch!"

Bailey said, "I wouldn't say that if I were you; he's highly dangerous! And yes, Ryan, he does have four fingers."

Rica said, "Let's go kick some Yakuza ass!"

Kelly said, "Indeed, I've been wanting to deal with that punk myself."

Ryan yelled, "Then let's go!"

The quartet was barely in Kurobara Enterprise's headquarters when they were surrounded by a squad of assassins. Ryan summed up the situation perfectly in one word.


The assassins attacked them en masse, but they fought back. Ryan soon found himself face to face with a female opponent dressed in black shinobi shozoku. "Have at thee, thou fucking bastard!"

The assassin pointed her katana at him and yelled, "Manko!"

Ryan said, "Now that's more like it!"

He picked up a nearby katana and attacked her with it. The swordfight was most certainly intense, with Ryan nearly losing his head at least a couple of times and the assassin having more such close calls.

Then she knocked him down and put her katana to his neck. "Checkmate."

Ryan said, "You never did learn to mind your surroundings, did you?"

Almost as if on cue, Terry joined in the fight and pistol-whipped the assassin. Ryan said, "Thanks."

Terry said, "Don't mention it, Ryan."

However, Terry was quickly caught off guard and knocked down by another assassin. This happened as Ryan was dressing his opponent's wounds using a first aid kit that happened to be conveniently nearby. The assassin asked, "Why are you doing this? Wasn't I about to kill you?"

Ryan said, "You… you look too nice to kill a high school student. Indeed, I've never seen such beauty being misappropriated by some very nice men. Get yourself to a hospital for some medical treatment. Live long and prosper."

As the assassin got back on her feet, Ryan helped her up. He said, "Oh… I never did get your name."

The assassin said, "It's Angel Kurobara."

Ryan said, "That's a lovely name."

Angel said, "Thanks."

As Angel left, Ryan and Susan ran over to Terry's side. He was very beaten and bruised, but he was still conscious. Ryan said, "Thank God you're still alive. But you shouldn't give up now, Terry. What would your father say? Your father was murdered by men who I have reason to believe are associated with Boss Kurobara. Take the opportunity to avenge your father, Terry. Don't let him down."

Terry had a flashback to the day his father died. He was following a procession of soldiers into a prison fort where his father was due to be executed as an alleged spy by a firing squad. "Soldiers!"

One soldier snarled, "Get away!"


Terry pressed on. The soldier yelled, "Get away from here!"

"Please, please listen!"

The solider snapped, "Beat it!"

Terry pleaded, "You think father's a spy. He's not. So do not hurt him!"

"Oh, no?"

"You've got to let him go!"

Enraged, the soldier grabbed the boy by the shirtfront and yelled to his face, "You'd better shut up! Your father is a traitor, and your mother is a whore! You're no Japanese, you're half-breed, you scum!"

The execution proceeded on schedule. Terry heard the shots from outside and was crying. "Daddy! Daddy…"

At this point, Terry remembered his father's last words to him.

"Listen, my son: trust no one! You can count on no one but yourself! Improve your skills, son; harden your body. Become the number one man! Do not ever let anybody beat you."

That was enough for Terry to quickly regain his strength and take down the last of the assassin pack. Seeing Angel nowhere, Terry asked, "Where is she?"

Ryan said, "On her way to a hospital to get medical treatment. It's OK, if I'm to trust the movies."

Terry said, "I remember now… I read a comic book once, about a boy who grows up to be an avenging angel to fight crime after his parents are done in by a criminal. The avenging angel dressed up as a bat. I always wanted to try cosplay. You go on without me. I'll catch up."

Ryan, Susan, Rica, and Kelly ran up the stairs.

They burst into Boss Kurobara's office. He yelled, "Who the fuck are you!?"

Ryan said, "I'll show you who Susan and I really are, because you are already dead."

Ryan and Susan promptly readied their transformers. "Dual Fighting Spirit!"

"The golden warrior, I am Cure Dragon!"

"The silver warrior, I am Cure Fortune!"

"Together we're Pretty Cure!"

"Evil warriors of ill fortune…"

"We shall send you packing!"

Rica said, "And I'm Rica Watson, and the girl with the green hair is Kelly Chiba. As in, Chiba the Bodyguard. You ever read the Bible? There's a passage she just taught me. It kind of fits the occasion, actually. Ezekiel 25:17.

"The path of the righteous man and defender is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the father of lost children.

"And we will execute great vengeance upon thee with furious anger, you who attempt to poison and destroy our brothers; and you will know that we are Lee the Dragon, Chan the Lucky Fortune, Watson the Great Lioness, and Chiba the Bodyguard when we lay our vengeance upon thee!"

"Don't forget Tsurugi the Bat!"

Terry walked in, wearing the cowl. Boss Kurobara started laughing at Terry, who was not amused. "You think you could walk in wearing the costume of one of your favorite comic book superheroes and expect me to take you seriously?"

Cure Dragon had this to say: "Was, bist du blöd? Bist du dümmlich oder etwas? Wer zum Teufel denkst du er ist?"

Boss Kurobara offered this answer: "A cosplayer?"

Cure Dragon continued, "Er ist die verdammt Fledermaus."

Terry said, "I'd recognize that face anywhere. You killed my father!"

Boss Kurobara said, "Ja, du bist korrekt. However, you missed an important detail: I wasn't even born when your father died. My father killed your father, and I can do the same to you."

"Not on my watch, dad!"

Angel showed up, still wearing her bandages. "I can now see through your false promises--in fact, I have seen through them all along, ever since the day you assassinated my parents and adopted me as your little 'princess'! Well, who would want to become a Yakuza princess after the same Yakuza killed her parents? Today, the ones you wanted dead will now see you off to the depths of hell!"

After Angel stabbed Boss Kurobara, dramatic music resembling the Street Fighter's leitmotif started playing. The boss stumbled backwards into a wall but still pressed on. Following a brief yet brutal match, Terry bashed the boss's skull and threw him out the window.

A rumbling noise sounded, and Cure Dragon knew what that meant. The building was crumbling around them, Kurobara having instructed his staff to demolish it from within and perish in the rubble if his death was certain. He yelled, "Oh, SHIT!"

He, Cure Fortune, Rica, Kelly, Angel, and Terry started running like hell to escape the demolition. They managed to get out in one piece as the building collapsed.


Next episode: "Le veterane - The Veterans"

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