"The latest news.

"Sixteen girls have disappeared since last week, with the latest disappearing last night.

"Each of them was last seen going to a school catering to princesses.

"If only Pretty Cure was here when we needed them.

"After all, they know how to infiltrate a possible situation and try to fix things before they can get worse.

"Parents are being advised to not let their children out of the house by themselves while the situation is ongoing.

"More to come as the story develops. Back to you, Mayumi."

OP: "Danzen! Futari wa Pretty Cure Dragon ~hybrid version~"

"Scuola per principesse - Princess School"

Ryan, Susan, Rica, and Kelly were watching the news on the lunchroom television. Rica said, "This is truly bad news. Who's next on the disappearance count? Susan? Kelly? Kaitlyn? Wing? Kendra? Beryl?"

Susan said, "I don't know, but whatever's going on at that princess school seems to be pure negativity."

Rica said, "I'll be damned if I was the next to disappear."

Kelly rolled her eyes and said, "And that's why you haven't become a Pretty Cure yet."

Rica said, "Well, you three are Pretty Cure, so you're going to have to investigate what the hell's going on there. And that means you too, limey! Finish up your pizza, and then get your asses ready for some detective work!"

Ryan chowed down on his pepperoni pizza as fast as he possibly could before leaving with Susan and Kelly.

"Very ingenius, Fatale."

Thirteen sounded pleased by Fatale's newest scheme. "By turning certain of the Millennium City populace into stone, we will draw energy from them--energy to further my plans for world domination and terminate the martial arts."

Fatale said, "If and when Pretty Cure comes to the source of it, I have a trap ready for them. A trap that will destroy them once and for all!"

Thirteen said, "Good for you. Let's see that trap in action."

Fatale smiled evilly as she brought forth a Mafioso. "No! Please! Let me go! I didn't mean to call you a cheese-eating surrender monkey!"

As the Mafioso was laid on a table and strapped in place, Fatale said, "I'll never surrender. Not as long as Pretty Cure is still alive and kicking."

With the Mafioso in place, a pendulum was lowered. It slowly crept toward the Mafioso as Fatale described its method of killing.

"The pendulum is one of the most vicious and painful ways to die. It was introduced by the Spanish Inquisition in their witch hunts, to be used for torture sessions.

"The hell it inflicts on its victim involves it creeping slowly and inching downward with each stroke.

"The victim can do absolutely nothing except wait for the blade that is the harbinger of their doom to come down upon them.

"When it does… it is extremely and excruciatingly painful. So painful even I can't stand to watch.

"The blade cuts through the victim's clothes… and eventually through its skin… and its vital organs!

"I don't wish to see this demonstration anymore! Raise the Goddam pendulum, for Christ's sake!"

The pendulum was raised by one cyborg. The innards were removed by another cyborg and then burned. Fatale said, "I did not intend for that to happen to Pretty Cure, of course."

Thirteen said, "Barbaric way of killing. Evisceration, that is. Burn the body. I don't want to see such a gruesome sight anymore."

The cyborg took an axe and beheaded the corpse. Fatale took out her knife and threw it at the cyborg. "I don't wish for Pretty Cure's heads on a silver platter, either."

She glanced at one of the surviving cyborgs.

The retort's door slowly slid upwards. The mutilated body was moved in on a conveyor belt. As the door slowly crept back downward, the burners fired up, and the flames inched toward the corpse.

Meanwhile, Ryan, Susan, and Kelly stood outside a strange castle in the middle of town. Ryan, who was wearing glasses for his coming undercover work here, murmured, "So this is where the school is located, huh? I don't remember it being here…"

Kelly said, "Yeah… I get the feeling that something's fishy."

Susan said, "I'm scared… for the first time since meeting Ryan, I'm scared."

Kelly said, "For God's sake, Susan… don't be. We'll be doing everything in our power to make sure this investigation goes as cleanly as possible. Let's go."

They entered the castle.

"Welcome to the Princess School of Millennium City," the blonde woman said. "I hope you will pass and that you don't suffer the fates befalling, in an eerie and unfortunate coincidence, all those that have passed before you."

Susan said, "OK, now I'm officially creeped out."

"Please, don't be. I'm certain you'll do fine. If you'll please go to the maids to get changed…"

Ryan, Susan, and Kelly were intercepted by a group of maids. Ryan recognized one of them. "Wing?"

Wing said, "I had a feeling you were headed for danger, so I infiltrated this group of maids so I could help you."

Ryan asked, "How did you do it?"

"Never mind that, limey," Wing said. "We've got some dressup to play."

They walked into one of the dressing rooms. Meanwhile, Susan was led into her dressing room by a maid who looked suspiciously like none other than Quent. "Really?"

"It's for your protection, milady," Quent said. "In all honesty, I heard you girls might be in danger, so I decided I'd infiltrate the maid group to protect you."

Susan replied, "That's all fine and dandy, but please don't blow your cover."

Kelly's assigned maid, on the other hand, was unfamiliar to her.

After they finished getting dressed, they emerged from the dressing rooms.

Ryan had used his gender-shifting ability again, and so his hair was longer; he had tied it in a bun afterwards. He, Susan, and Kelly looked very much regal in their own ways. Ryan and Susan went for a more traditional approach with pink and blue gowns, respectively, but Kelly looked more like a futurist than anything, wearing a green streamlined dress with frills and a showgirl skirt, dark green fitted pants, and green platform shoes.

They joined the other students and their personal maids in the great hall as they were greeted by the same blonde woman from before.

"Welcome to the Princess School of Millennium City, newcomers," she said. "I am the leader of this school, Madame Beatrice Ducard. The formula is simple: it's a three-week night school program for those who wish to become a Princess of Millennium City.

"Among the skills you will learn are music, etiquette, art, and dance. Dance is especially important, seeing that you can't be too clumsy at a royal ball. Etiquette is just as important; even the majority who are eventually destined to fail should consider their experience here an opportunity to learn their manners.

"I see some of you have taken a futurist approach with your outfits. I don't blame you; it's the 21st century, after all, and the times, they are a-changin'. All I ask is that you show up Monday through Saturday every week starting now. During your time here, you will have a personal maid; butlers are optional, but maids are mandatory; after all, what princess wouldn't enjoy having at least one maid around, even among the futurists?"

Susan said, "She's talking about you, Kelly."

Kelly said, "I've looked around, and I've noticed that I'm not the only one dressed like a futurist."

"Today, we're going to learn how to draw self-portraits of ourselves. If you wish to be viewed as royalty by your friends, you need to learn how to draw yourselves perfectly. Here are a few tips.

"One, be accurate about how you draw yourselves. Be sure to use a mirror as your guide. Two, be neat about it. Three, enjoy yourselves. Have fun!"

Ryan, Susan, Kelly, and the other new students started working on their self-portraits. Over an hour later, they were all finished.

Ryan and Susan both had perfectly neat drawings; Kelly's self-portrait didn't fare as well, but it still looked somewhat good.

When Madame Ducard looked at them, she said, "Splendid job, Miss Lee and Miss Chan. Your art skills look very suitable for a museum. Oh, Miss Chiba, yours doesn't look as neat, but how about I give you a B for neatness, and A- for accuracy, and an A for effort?"

Kelly said, "Fair enough."

During the butler selection, the princess school students who had chosen to select butlers reentered the great hall. Ryan was shocked at what he saw.

There, standing with the other potential butlers, was Rica Watson.

Madame Ducard asked, "Is anything wrong?"


"Ah, well, we all get that feeling at some point. Please, choose one."

Ryan indicated where Rica was standing. "Very well. Young Watson, your assigned princess school student awaits."

Rica walked over to Ryan and said, "Good choice." She then kissed him on the cheek, causing him to blush.

Madame Ducard said, "I see your new butler has taken a liking to you. Very well, then. See you tomorrow."

The next day was a dance lesson.

Though much to Ryan and Kelly's relief it wasn't ballet they were set to learn, what gave them ideas were the uniforms worn by most of the students to dance class.

Both Ryan and Susan wore matching dresses, consisting of a leotard and short ruffled tutu. As for Kelly, she instead wore a green frilly biketard.

Regardless of what the students wore, all wore silver tiaras, white opera gloves, white tights, and pink ballet slippers; also, many had their hairstyles altered for this course, wearing their hair in buns.

"You will need to learn how to dance elegantly in order to succeed at making yourself look royal in your presentation if you are ever in attendance at a royal ball. I will now leave you to your maids or butlers to practice with. Have fun!"

Ryan was still slightly confused about what to do.


"Relax, limey!" Rica said. "Social dancing may not be one of my specialties, but I'm good at it if I'm in the right spot. Just follow… my… lead."

The Blue Danube Waltz started playing on a nearby stereo cassette player.


Over the course of three weeks, Ryan, Susan, and Kelly learned so much from their art, dance, etiquette, and music lessons, as shown in a minute-long montage.

Then, on the third Friday, the royal ball was held.

Ryan, Susan, and Kelly were in their princess outfits waiting for the designated princes.

In they came.

"All right, if you're going to be at a royal ball for real, you're going to have to know what it's like. Your princes await."

The students walked up to their princes and started dancing. Kelly was a bit surprised that she found a familiar face among them.

It was Tad.

"I didn't want anything to happen to you, Kelly," said he. "Just follow… my… lead."

The background music was "Pavane pour une infante défunte" by Ravel.

The prince dancing with Ryan said, "I know, it's my first time experiencing something like this. But I don't want you to worry. I can handle it.

"So you can't talk? So what? Who needs a voice to communicate? In fact, who needs words to communicate? Communication is not a matter of speaking or writing; any movement you make, done the right way, can be a form of communication."

Susan said, "I've done social dancing before, but not with royalty."

The prince dancing with her said, "Then I have a feeling you're going to enjoy me."

Susan said, "Maybe, but I seem to get the feeling that this is all too good to be true."

The prince said, "If it wasn't true, I assure you that it's going to be all right nonetheless, and you'll at least have the satisfaction of sharing this dance, this night, this experience with me."

Susan said, "Yes, that would be quite the memory to cherish for the rest of my life."

The prince said, "One piece of advice, though: do not look a monster in the eye, either directly or indirectly, if you want to live."

Susan said, "All right. I'll be careful."

The prince said, "Enjoy."

Kelly asked, "But why you?"

Tad said, "Because I truly care about your safety."

Kelly said, "I understand. But if there was a storm coming, there should be some time and way for us to batten down the hatches in preparation."

Tad said, "If there was a storm coming, I would've thought of something by now. I'll say this much, though: listen for the crow of a rooster, and beware of any monsters that may come your way."

Kelly asked, "What does that mean, exactly?"

Tad said, "It means this just may be too good to be true."

The dancing continued.

That night, after the ball was over, Ryan, who had become a boy again, glanced at the clock inside the dormitory. "Where the hell is Rica?"

Just then, Rica came in, looking a bit beaten up. Kelly exclaimed, "My God! what happened to you, Rica?"

Rica said, "Someone… tried to kill me… a Fuma ninja… he knows I've been there… he knows I know too much… I know he knows I know too much…"

Kelly said, "I knew it! Get some rest tonight, because for God-damn-it-to-hell's sake, I will not rest until the case of the missing girls is closed! Ryan and Susan and I will solve this mystery even if it costs us our lives, and I know just where the hell to look tomorrow, after school!"

Susan said, "Those girls have done nothing wrong. Their only mistake was being gullible enough to fall for it! And those princes may be in danger too, along with Tad!"

Ryan said, "Now that you mention it, I think it's high time I checked to see if Wing's all right!"

Ryan knocked on the door of Wing's dormitory. She opened the door and asked, "What the hell are you doing in here?"


"Yes, now please be quiet."

"Are you all right, Wing?"

"My leg was hurt again… it's damn good the next recital is not until December; I've always wanted to dance as Maria!"

"Did you go to the school nurse?"

"Yes; she said to give it a few weeks to heal, and it'll be all right."

"Be truthful!"

Wing gave Ryan the doctor's report. "Sorry I didn't believe you. Anyway, did you find out anything at that castle that you weren't supposed to?"

"Yes… there's a creature in there… I almost got petrified… in fact, by all rights I should consider myself lucky I got away with an injured leg."

Ryan said, "Thanks, Wing. It's good to see you're all right. Good night."

With these words, he left the dormitory.

The next day, after school, the announcement came from Madame Ducard.

"And now, the four students who pass with full or near-full marks are… Ryan Lee… Susan Chan… Kelly Chiba… and Elizabeth Greenwater! If you four would please follow me to the coronation room…"

Ryan, Susan, Kelly, and Elizabeth followed Madame Ducard where she went until she stopped at a pair of double doors. They opened. "Here you go."

The four entered. The doors closed behind them. Elizabeth said, "Suddenly… I've got a sinking feeling about this."

Kelly said, "Do as I say, and you'll live."

Ryan proceeded to talk with his hands.


Susan said, "Just follow… my… lead."

Elizabeth asked, "What should I do?"


Susan said, "Don't look in any mirrors, don't look in any puddles… don't look in any reflective surface, for that matter."

Kelly said, "Listen for the crow of a rooster, if there's any of them around, either inside or outside."

Taking one glance at Ryan, she continued, "Oh, I know exactly what you're thinking, Ryan: that we're really going to need a rooster around here. I heard from your friend Tad that the crow of a rooster can kill a basilisk, so it kind of makes sense, for us to need the help of fowl play, if you'll pardon the pun."

Then in came the basilisk itself. Susan immediately covered Elizabeth's eyes, yelling, "DON'T LOOK!"

She and Kelly pushed Elizabeth face-first into a nearby wall. Kelly looked around and saw 16 statues. She recognized four of the faces from the recent news broadcast. "I knew it… I knew it all along! Stay right here, shortcake, and face the wall until the basilisk is dead. I know a few people who can get us out of this mess. It's for your own safety, I'll have you know!"

Running back to Ryan and Susan, she said, "Time to send that snake back to hell where it belongs! Let's lure it someplace else! Now!"

Ryan and Susan gathered up their skirts and started running with Kelly toward the double doors.

Susan said, "I hope you brought your transformers, because we're sure going to need them."

Kelly said, "I never leave the dormitory without mine."

"Dual fighting spirit!"

"Bodyguard, come forth!"

"The golden warrior, I am Cure Dragon!"

"The silver warrior, I am Cure Fortune!"

"Together we're Pretty Cure!"

"Evil warriors of ill fortune…"

"We shall send you packing!"

"Protecting my friends, I am Cure Fang! Let those who worship evil's might beware my power! The bodyguard's light!"

They charged toward the basilisk before Cure Dragon remembered something. "Shit! According to my analysis, the basilisk is immune even to our physical attacks!"

Cure Fortune said, "I guess it's time to get our special attacks going!"

Cure Fang said, "Quite right.

"The path of the righteous man and defender is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper, and the father of lost children.

"And I will execute great vengeance upon thee with furious anger, you who poison and destroy my brothers; and you will know that I am Chiba the Bodyguard when I lay my vengeance upon thee!"


"SILVER THUNDER! We who are different as day and night…"

"Do join together and combine our might!"


The basilisk was destroyed.

"This just in, the sixteen safe who disappeared have returned safely to their homes. The nightmare is over. Pretty Cure has finally solved this mystery, and for that we are very grateful.

"Apparently, the disappearances were caused by a spell that turned the sixteen into stone, but whatever was responsible is now toast. Millennium City can rest easy now that those sixteen girls are safe. Film at 11."

ED: "Anataboshi (When I Come to Your Star with My Love)"

Next episode: "Vigilia di ognissanti - Halloween"

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