• The author has confirmed that it's a coincidence that he and Ryan Lee share a given name.
  • The man in black is an expy of Frankie Black from The Streetfighter's Last Revenge, which like Pretty Cure is a Toei production; the name he uses when disguised, Fredo Black, is a shout-out to Return of the Living Dead (two of whose main protagonists are called Frank and Freddy).
  • The Cures' transformations and finishing moves follow the standard "Futari wa" formula.

Episode 1Edit

  • Mary Pickford was a famous silent film star and the founding mother of United Artists Corporation (whose founding fathers were Charlie Chaplin, David Wark Griffith, and Douglas Fairbanks).
  • In the original Japanese version, Juanita's mother, not her father, is the Hispanic parent.
  • "Robots in disguise" is a line in the Transformers theme.
  • The fight scene is based on a fight featured in The Way of the Dragon, featuring Ryan's namesake Bruce Lee.
  • Nagisa and Honoka from the original Futari wa Pretty Cure are mentioned by name during the fight scene (the English dub refers to them as Natalie and Hannah).

Episode 2Edit

  • Though "YMCA" is credited to the Village People by Thirteen's intelligence cyborg (and even mentions as much on the monitor), the recording is actually a cover using George Lam's Cantonese translation.

Episode 3Edit

  • At the start of the episode, Susan is singing "Anataboshi" by MilkyWay from Kirarin Revolution; the lyrics are translated in the English dub, and the title is translated as "When I Come to Your Star with My Love".
  • Lisa compares her possession to Count Vlad Dracula's ability to turn those he bites into vampires in the final scene of the episode.

Episode 4Edit

  • During the art museum field trip, Ryan is dressed as the Lilac Fairy, from Sleeping Beauty; Susan is dressed as Princess Florine, from the same production; Rica is dressed as Prince Siegfried, from Swan Lake; Juanita is dressed as a Spanish Hot Chocolate dancer, from The Nutcracker; Tad is dressed as Count Albrecht, from Giselle; and Quent is dressed as Giselle, from the same production.