OK, for my 19th series, Knox Nineties Pretty Cure, I could only come up with the five-person Cure team, the setting, and a few side characters.

The setting is Knoxville, TN, in 1992, the year an unassuming 14-year-old ditz took the magical girl genre by storm and cemented herself as an important figure in the genre.

The five characters who become Cures:

  • Sandra Staley
  • Jamie Jennings
  • Kate Kelley
  • Olivia Orland
  • Parker Pearl

For minor characters, I could only come up with a couple of twins named Pernell and Pianissimo Prince, as well as Terrence Diaz, Moon Napier, and Robin Hoffman.

I couldn't even come up with Cure names for the five Cures!

So if anyone can help me brainstorm further, I'd really appreciate it.



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